Towards A More Effective Social Media Engagement

In a video presentation during the first Digital Summit held on June 15, 2022, Jimmy Ilagan, Head of the CFC Integrated Evangelization Group, introduced the Pastoral Guides for Social Media Engagement.

Ilagan said that while the pandemic slowed down CFC a bit by limiting the mobility of its members, it also pushed the Community further into its journey into the digital world, and the many challenges the crisis presented were surpassed by the joy of learning. The community, he said, realized the importance of technology and social media in communication and evangelization. In response, the CFC IC formed a group tasked to revisit and update the existing pastoral guides, which Ilagan likened to the enabling laws in the secular world.

The task included coming up with new guidelines to help the community adapt to the changing reality, particularly with the use of social media and the new normal in the CFC way of life. Three elements in particular were emphasized: visibility, communication, and accountability of use. The primary aim was to provide a guide for the use of CFC social media pages and sites, which all CFC members are encouraged to follow as well, keeping in mind that personal accounts should mirror one’s character and beliefs. Ultimately, the guides are intended to bring out the best in all CFC members, both as proclaimers of the Word and as instruments of healing.

The Digital Summit opened the week-long CFC 41st anniversary celebration, held at the MOA SMX, Pasay. (Richie Panganiban-Tolentino)

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