Stop Bugging Me: 5 Pest Defense Tips

We parents want to make our children as healthy as possible. This also means top-notch prevention measures, which could come useful during this rainy season.

Rain is often synonymous to flu, colds, and pests coming into our homes. We dream of living a paranoid-free life where no bug is bound to bite our precious loved ones.

As these pests are never welcome inside our homes, we share with you some tips to keep your home pest-free this rainy season.

  • Cover all trash bins tightly. Keep the lid of your trash cans tight so that creatures can’t come in and overturn it. Vermins and ferral cats tend to be drawn to food sources, even trash cans. So better make sure that bins are closed and tightly fastened.
  • Remember to seal all drainages with wire mesh. It is very important that drainages are apmly sealed. Many pests are able to fit through small openings, so placing a substantial wire mesh on drainages and even under the doors will eliminate these entry points.
  • Make sure the doors are also sealed. Sealing your doors to keep pests out is similar to locking a door to keep a burglar out. But, if you examine your doors, you will probably be surprised by how many gaps there are for pests to squeeze through. Install screen doors as an extra layer of protection.
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed. By keeping branches away from your house, you will make it more difficult for ants and rodents to enter.
  • It might sound cliché but truly, a clean home is a happy home! Because we want nothing but harmony in our homes, let us make sure that they are spic and span, especially in these two important places: the kitchen and the bathroom. These areas are often moist, which make them pest favorites. The best thing that we should do is to always make sure that these areas are squeaky clean, odor-free and well-maintained.

Remember to always do a full house and backyard check for ways that pests can enter your home. Check for rips on screens, gaps on windows, and cracks on your foundation and sidings. Make sure that your furbaby’s food is tightly sealed as that can attract flies and rodents as well.

Carl Anthony Garfin, licensed fumigator-exterminator of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority of the Philippines (FPA), recommends homeowners to have at least one insect light trap in the house. Visual lures are usually light and bright colors (we usually see the blue ones in hardware stores), and can be used to attract pests. Because chemical attractants are also present, insect population in another area can be lessened.

When Pests Are Already There
If you do find that you have a pest infestation, there are lots of reputable companies that you may contact to make removing unwanted guests an easy task. Before trying to tackle the job yourself, call expert advice from a company that specializes in pest control to make sure that it will be safe. You may also check online to help you identify pests you may have in your home, as well as those to watch out for. (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)

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