Proclaiming the Word Online

Robert Labayen, CFC Multimedia & Events Head: “We are an ecclesia, a
gathering of men and women sent on a mission, and our call is to proclaim the Word of God.”

In the opening session of the first Digital Summit, Robert Labayen, head of CFC Multimedia and Events Team, emphasized that more than just a praying church, the Catholic Church is a proclaiming church. “We are an ecclesia,” Labayen said, adding that the Church is “a gathering of men and women sent on a mission, and our call is to proclaim the Word of God. Today, mass media and social media are the primary means of such proclamation, especially among the youth.”

According to Labayen, CFC is keen on developing more content for social media, which will appeal to both members and non-members of the CFC community. The goal is to promote an awareness of CFC in social media and to present the community as vibrant, welcoming, young, and attractive.

In the past, he said, the lack of personnel held back efforts to strengthen our social media presence. But he stressed that this is a false lack, as CFC has a wealth of talents, including artists, musicians, and writers. The community thus hopes to form an army of volunteers, a Truth Army, so to speak, and to form partnerships with relevant groups so that CFC can put out lively, inspiring, motivating, and empowering content that will impact the lives of people in and out of the community. In this way, CFC can fulfill its mission of being families in Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.

The Digital Summit opened the week-long celebration of the CFC 41st anniversary, held on June 15, 2022 at the MOA SMX in Pasay. (Richie Panganiban-Tolentino)

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