God’s Gift of Technology

In a video to end the third session of the CFC Digital Summit, Jojo and Weng Recio, Cluster Leaders of CFC MM North B2, shared how they made use of social media to continue the work of CFC at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Eager to gather their members, the couple initiated an online Lord’s Day celebration via FB live. This eventually led to an online devotion of praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, initially broadcast live on Facebook and later on YouTube. Since May 3, 2020, the online devotion has been broadcast daily without fail, from wherever the Recio couple are. Moreover, the audience of CFC participants has expanded to non-members of the community and even to non-Filipinos, both in the Philippines and abroad.

The couple also promoted the utilization of the CFC One Global Database and Members Portal to their members, especially in recording household meetings and using the attendance capture function. To help their members learn faster and easier, they created video tutorials.

As they embarked on a journey of continuous learning and improvement of the technology, God filled the limitations, enabling CFC to overcome all challenges.

Technology is God’s gift,” Jojo said. He added, “Evangelization knows no boundaries; it is our self-imposed limitations that hinder us from doing the mission God has entrusted to us. Witnessing to God’s mighty power, he added: Despite the challenges, His works will continue and His grace will flow in abundance.” (Richie Panganiban-Tolentino)

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