Get to Know Our CFC International Council

On June 25, 2021, during the CFC 40th anniversary week, the Elders Assembly gathered to elect a new set of members of the CFC International Council. The Elders Assembly elects the 9-man Board of Trustees, the overall top governing body for the international CFC community. The CFC IC is the overall policy-making body that determines major directions, strategies, and proposed actions for the entire body.

Let us get to know our current CFC IC.


Personal Information
52 years old, married to Rachel Arguelles for 25 years

Names of children/ ages:
Jose Rafael. 24
Jose Miguel, 22
Jose Gabriel, 16
Jose Uriel, 10
No. of years in CFC: 26 years, including SFC

Bboy started his life in the Community via Singles for Christ, where he was a leader as well. It was in SFC where he met his wife Rachel. Professionally, he is a banker, with an extensive exposure in marketing, credit, and risk management.


Personal Information
45 years old, married to Carel Ariola for 18 years

Names of children/ ages:
Nina Andrea, 17
Caleb Luke, 11

No. of years in CFC: 25 years, including YFC

Although a Marketing Management graduate, Shok opted to become a missionary for CFC right after college. He has been a fulltime missionary for more than 20 years! He and his family are now living in Canada.


Personal Information
63 years old, married to Carol Arjonillo for 35 years

Names of children/ ages:
Francis, 36
John Benedict, 32
Rabboni Francis Jr., 28
John Christopher, 21

No. of years in CFC: 28 years

Another banker, this father of 4 recently retired, and now spends his time producing his daily Scripture reflection videos, Only By Grace, which he started when the pandemic began. He has gathered more than 20,000 subscribers to the CFC YouTube Channel since his videos were posted.


Personal Information
59 years old, married to Cynthia Campos for 34 years

Names of children/ ages:
Patrick George, 34
Mary Angeli Therese, 32
Mary Catherine Anne, 29
Mary Christen Louise, 20

No. of years in CFC: 23 years

An engineer, George was the President of a subsidiary of the largest electric distribution utility firm but when he was elected President of CFC during the period 2013 to 2017, he retired from corporate work and focused on serving the Lord. He and his wife Cynthia were chosen by the Vatican to be auditors during the Synod on the Family in 2015.


Personal Information
73 years old, married to Marivie Dalman for 42 years

Names of children/ ages:
April, 42
Christabel, 40
Ryan Em, 38

No. of years in CFC: 30 years

A former high-ranking civil servant, Nonoy is now retired and is a doting grandfather to four adorable grandchildren. He and wife Marivie actively champion contemplative prayer among the laity, both in the Philippines and abroad.


Personal Information
66 years old, married to Petty Dio for 38 years

Names of children/ ages:
Kristine Joy, 37
Kathleen Maree, 35
Karen Jamie, 33
Kristoffer James, 30 (Deceased)

No. of years in CFC: 29 years

Though a B.S. Nursing graduate, James went into the pharmaceutical industry, where he rose from the ranks before he retired in 2018. He and doctor wife Petty have served in CFC for many years, mainly in Asia. They are currently enjoying being grandparents while visiting their married daughter and her family overseas.


Personal Information
67 years old, married to Pag-Asa “Indette” Gaspillo for 39 years

Names of children/ ages:
Audrey Hope, 35
Gerard John, 28
Children in Heaven:
Nielsen John, died on April 30, 2017 at the age of 33
Michelle Hope, died at 1-month-old in 1992

No. of years in CFC: 36 years

A retired engineer and educator, Rudy served as the ANCOP President before he was elected to the CFC IC. He orchestrated CFC ANCOP’s ISO compliance, branding the foundation a reliable institution, trusted by donors and partners worldwide.


Personal Information
71 years old, married to Felipa Lourdes “Babylou” Tale for 46 years

Names of children/ ages:
Vida Amabelle, 46
Rica Pamela, 43

No. of years in CFC: 35 years

With Joe Yamamoto, Joe Tale is one of the longest-serving leaders in CFC, and has been elected several times as member of the International Council, and as Chairman for a number of terms. Aside from being a CFC elder, Joe has been a member of the Council of the Council of the Laity of the Philippines, as well as the Philippine Bible Society. He is likewise an active content creator on YouTube via The Faith Potential.


Personal Information
72 years old, married to Milagros Yamamoto for 43 years

Names of children/ ages:
Joseph Michael, 42
Joanna Melissa, 37
Julianne Marie, 35

No. of years in CFC: 37 years

Joe Yam (as he is fondly called in CFC), is currently the President and Chairman. He and wife Mila have served as leaders in many CFC areas, both in the Philippines and abroad. A cardiovascular surgeon, former Associate Professor of Surgery, and now a leading practitioner of functional medicine, he is everyone’s favorite doctor. Follow him and his daughter Dr. Joanna Yamamoto for health advice on instagram at @drjyamamoto.

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