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HE WHO IS MIGHTY has done great things in CFC. I was reminded of this last September 3, 2023, at the CFC Mission Core Gathering when, at worship, I had glimpses of some aspects of the life and mission of CFC, that made my heart throb in gratefulness.

The Gift of Music
I am grateful for God’s gift of CFC music. Liveloud took to the world stage in August 2023 and led the World Youth Day pilgrims in praising and worshiping God through original CFC Liveloud music. We now have a Glory Songbook consisting of all-original CFC and Family Ministries songs. The International Music Core, led by Music Ministry Head Jay Laquian, conducts a regular teaching of new songs in an online program called “Noted”. The CFC Theme Weekend Retreats had all original music soundtrack, reflection songs and creatives.

CFC music, released by CFC Ablaze in Spotify, has already been streamed in the millions. As of date, Janry Ballesteros and Kimberly Falenar’s You Have Chosen Me has been streamed 2,611,253 times; Jueren Nabua’s In Your Arms, 1.6M; Juruen Nabua and Alvin Morada’s Grateful, 1.3M; and Bimbo Yerro’s Fearless, 1.3M, From Within 1.25M and Pour and Flow, 1.2M. This does not include the 9.5.million views of Blair Jereza and Rhea Bernardez’s I’ll Follow Jesus and Kirby Llaban’s I Give My All (at least 1.2M views).

The CFC Mindanao Mission
I am grateful that in Mindanao, their unitbased CLP efforts have been yielding so much fruits. This year, CFC Misamis Oriental had 71 CLPs with 890 graduates; Davao del Norte had 34 CLPs with 497 graduates; Davao City had 27 CLPs with 383 graduates and North Cotabato had 24 CLPs with 318 graduates. A total of 2,088 new members in four (4) Mindanao areas alone!

The Blessing of Resources
The Lord has blessed CFC with resources. The CFC Treasurer has reported that: “In terms of liquidity and leverage, CFC remains strong and stable. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, members’ contributions declined. However, starting 2021, receipts bounced back, even exceeding pre-pandemic level. While receipts continued to flow in during the pandemic years, program expenses decreased due to government-imposed restrictions”

As a result, CFC’s 2023 budget was designed to catch up/rise for our desired evangelization goals. CFC allocated the unused budgets in the past few years to propel CFC evangelization and formation activities this year and the next. Hence, CFC has made available fund subsidies to enable and empower leaders — all country coordinators and up — to physically go to their mission areas in the various areas of the world.

The CLP budget in Metro Manila has been upgraded, even including venue subsidy. Special allocation was also made for Youth Camps and the more deliberate effort to establish online communities.

CFC Pastoral Caravans
I praise God for the direction of the CFC International Council to conduct pastoral caravans. The IC members had their caravans in Northwestern Luzon, in CALABARZON and this month in Mindanao. The Family Ministries also had their caravans in Northwestern Luzon and Visayas. There are also reports of Area Governance Teams doing caravans in their areas.

A Vision for CFC
During the same MCG, I also had a vision. I saw the Mission Core Music Ministry serving not in the usual big assemblies and venues, but in a Christian Life Program (CLP) being conducted in a remote parish. I saw Liveloud, not in a grand stage but in a small CFC- Singles for Christ prayer assembly. I saw our elders giving a talk not just in the big conferences and retreats but in a CLP or a chapter teaching night. I saw foreign delegates to our conferences visiting local CFC areas in their small local activities, including households.

Then and there I was moved to write down: “Serve the lowly.” Perhaps because He Who is mighty has done great things to the lowly and through the lowly. In the Magnificat, the song of Mary, we know that the lowly does not just mean those in the fringes and the peripheries, but the “poor in spirit” whom Jesus called blessed. “The poor in spirit are those that keep their eyes on God, and their hearts open to his divine workings.” (St. John Paul the Great) Like Mary. Like the brethren who themselves are lowly, serving the lowly.

God bless you all.

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