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Catch More By Loving More
Friday, February 27, 2015
Four hundred and nine leaders of Couples for Christ from 40 countries gathered as one last January 9, 2015 (Friday) at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines.

To know more how to “Love More” was the main focus of the 3rd CFC Global Leaders Empowerment Convention, as it is also the community’s theme for 2015.
The event officially started with the celebration of the Holy Mass, with Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite as main presider, together with Fr. Mrutyunjay Digal of India as concelebrant. During his final blessing, Fr. Mario encouraged everyone to “Go and truly shine brightly with the light of Christ.”

After the Holy Mass, the CFC leaders raised their hands in worship to thank the Lord for a fruitful year that was and to ask for God’s mercy to do more for this year.

The worship was led by Alex Gosianto, National Director of CFC Indonesia. George Campos, the CFC Executive Director and Metro Manila Missions Director, shared the CFC Global Report for 2014 and challenged everyone to not be afraid to go on mission and spread the Good News to the ends of the earth.

He exhorted everyone to be mindful that “What we have done, though impressive, is still too little. We need to love more.”

Manny Garcia, Nonoy Dalman, Jimmy Ilagan, Mannix Ocampo and James Solano, continent overseers of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania, respectively, presented reports on evangelization efforts in their continents, highlighting breakthroughs, new areas and territories and specific challenges encountered.

All of them echoed one appeal—for more missionaries in their areas. The call is now out for mission volunteers. Indeed, to love more is to connect as one, to move as one and to support one another in our community’s awesome task of bringing the world to Christ.

During the afternoon worship, Michael Bay, Country Head of CFC Malaysia exhorted, “Mission is not easy, it is always full of crisis but we will be empowered as long as we have the courage to ask the Lord.”

Jun Uriarte, Chairman of the CFC Institute, the new subsidiary of CFC, introduced CFCI, and how it aims to educate, train, foster research and innovation, manage and share knowledge, so that leaders and missionaries may realize the mission of CFC and the Church in proclaiming Christ to the world. Soon, the Institute will develop and offer degree and non-degree courses that will serve and promote the mission and vision of CFC.

Afterwards, the participants were grouped into different workshops to further deepen their understanding of the different programs of the community.

Mannix Ocampo, Ablaze Chairman, and Rommel Ancheta, Ablaze President, encouraged everyone to “Catch More Fish” using the products and offerings of Ablaze.

George Campos and Jess Ferrer, the Migrants Program Head, shared during the Migrants Program workshop the highlights of the 7th World Congress on the Pastoral Care for Migrants and Itinerant people and emphasized that the program is also an evangelization tool.

Rouquel Ponte, Church Integration Office (CIO) Head and Pastoral Formation Office (PFO) Consultant, reminded those who attended the CIO workshop that “We are called to holiness; for it is the very measure of Christian living.” During this workshop, Arnel Santos, PFO Director, explained the CFC culture and the different roles of the PFO coordinators in the sectors, provinces and countries.

Kirby Llaban, overall PFO Coordinator, expounded on the leaders’ formation track. Joe Tale, CFC Chairman and International Missions Director, gave the last session for the day titled Daybreak. He reminded everyone, “We start the year with “Love More”, but because of the new opportunities that the Lord is giving us, He is also calling us to continuously “Behold and Ponder.” He added, “So let us always ask the Lord in prayer to teach us to still do more, give more, sacrifice more and love more.”

The Chairman also conveyed the Pope’s call for “spirit-filled evangelizers” and concluded his session by calling all those who are fearlessly open to the workings of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the joy of the Gospel.

He exhorted everyone to be bold in proclaiming the Gospel in every time and place even in the face of opposition. During the prayer for empowerment, CFC declared, “Almighty Father, take away the words “No” and “fear” and replace them with “Yes”, faith, courage and love.” (Aiza Garnica)



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