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Couples for Christ Serves Episcopal Commission on Missions
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Couples for Christ is now actively serving the Episcopal Commission on Missions (ECM). According to ECM Chairman Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD of the Diocese of Sorsogon, "CFC is now involved because at least 2 of them, George Campos and Jun Famatigan, are in the Philippine Catholic Mission Commission or PCMC." The PCMC is an arm of the ECM which helps make policies and programs in view of the numerous activities, especially for the culmination of the 5th centennial of the evangelization of the Philippines in 2021.

Bishop Bastes added, "CFC, among the lay organizations, is the most organized in terms of international and local missions. And because of this vast experience, the community is very ready to help us."

Today, the ECM Execom composed of Fr. William Larousse, MM, Secretary of the PCMC; Fr. Andrew Recepcion, Mission Director of the Archdioceses of Caceres and Consultant for the ECM; Fr. Soc Mesiona, MSP, National Director of the Philippine Missions Society and Executive Secretary of the ECM; Bishop Arturo Bastes; George Campos, Executive Director of CFC; and Jun Famatigan, convened to formulate the national mission plan. One of the concrete activities that the ECM has decided to do is the creation of a newsletter. They are also looking at doing a survey on the mission situation of the Philippines. A major event that the group is excited about is the planning for a big national mission conference set tentatively for May 18-21, 2015.

"In the conference, we will be inviting mission directors, bishops and lay people, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II document on the missions, Missio Ad Gentes. This will also give us Filipino missionaries to have a good formation on missions," Bishop Bastes said. 

The meeting was held at the newly-refurbished office of the ECM, which Bishop Bastes blessed this morning. A luncheon followed to celebrate the occasion. (A. Alvarez)



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