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Nepal... God`s Glory Revealed!
Monday, September 1, 2014
How lovely are the mountains at feet of Him...
Who brings good news, good news...
Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness...Our God reigns...
Our God reigns...

It was really a sight to behold, God's majestic creation... When you see His handiwork, you can't help but be in awe of its intricate designs, wonderful shapes, hues and colors, the  mountains, hills, plains and valleys but most of all the strength and character of the people living out their Catholic Christian faith amidst challenges and difficulties.

Nepal has a 30M population with only about more or less 10,000 Catholics, less than a hundred Filipinos, some working at the United Nations and others married to Nepal nationals. Predominantly Hindus and Buddhists, introducing the Catholic faith is quite  challenging, more so Couples for Christ. But with God's blessing and grace, the seeds planted by our CFC brethren from Bahrain a few years ago grew and bore fruit. Couples for Christ touched the lives of the Nepalese and their lives were never the same since then... 

God never fails to inspire and enrich us everytime we go on mission.  And our Nepal mission trip was not an exception. Here we could see that inspite of the different beliefs of the people, bringing them together is not impossible with God. Couples for Christ openness to accept whoever God calls strongly convey the message of inclusivity and not of exclusivity. It was so heartwarming to know that even a Hindu husband attended the Abba Father Weekend while his Catholic Nepalese wife attended the Women's Conference. How the conference made an impact on the life and attitude of the husband was so inspiring as he shared his learnings and the transformation taking place in him. Truly, when God moves,  expect surprises. 

The simplicity of our Nepalese brethren , how they appreciate what they have and humbly thanking the Lord for these provisions remind us what really matters in life.

In Nepal, the electric power supply is out between 15-20 hours a day. But this is not a hindrance for our CFC brothers and sisters to come to teachings and prayer meetings. Them seating on a dimly lit room with  battery operated lights , sharing God's love and faithfulness, quenching their thirst for His words,  acknowledging their true source of power and light. Reverence and humility characterise the way they present themselves to the Lord be it in personal prayer or in the Holy Mass.Their piety and deep faith in Christ as well as in His Blessed Mother Mary bind us deeply together as one Cfc family, irrespective of color or race. 

By God's grace, CFC Nepal has taken into heart the goal of being present and active in all its parishes.  A 30 minute courtesy call made with the new and only Bishop of Nepal was extended to two hours. Bishop Paul Simick, not knowing much about CFC yet, asked a lot of questions.  In the end, the good Bishop opened  the door for CFC to present to all the priests our plans and programs. 

God continues to pave the way for us to reach out and touch more hearts. He opens more doors for us to be His hands, His feet, His ears, His mouth. He wants His presence be experienced and felt.

Cfc Nepal is indeed the love child of God and of our brethren from Bahrain who gave their yes to God's call, dared to go on mission to this beautiful country, willingly  offered their time, talent and treasure, generously shared that which they were richly blessed with, the love of God... 

The mission continues... Nepal now is blessed with passionate purely local Cfc leaders and members who would be the bearers of Christ's glad tidings in the Himalayas. Yes... our God reigns...He truly reigns... (George and Cynthia Campos)


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