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ANCOP USA, CRS Forge New Partnership
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
ANCOP USA Leaders (from left) Rod Bustos, Tony Ventura, Eric Villanueva , and on far right Roger Santos, in meeting with Brian J. Backe Sr. Director, US Programs & Resources Catholic Relief Services (CRS), 4th from left.

Leaders of ANCOP USA met recently with Brian J. Backe, Sr. of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) at the latter’s offices in Baltimore. 

The successful meeting established partnership between ANCOP USA and CRS  in the US, specifically the CRS Rice Bowl Program, which, will make Couples for Christ membership to have deeper connections with the poor and vulnerable overseas.  

There is complementary nature between ANCOP USA’s programs and CRS in Education, Health and Community Development. CRS is strong in Relief Services and Emergency Response Management.

With the established collaboration between the two groups, it is expected that the new arrangement will give greater flexibility on how ANCOP deploys its resources during disasters, especially in the Philippines. (ANCOP USA Communications)


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