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The Heart of the Matter—TOB as a Pastoral Tool for Clergy
Thursday, June 26, 2014
Around 70 priests, several seminarians, and a handful of lay persons, all eager to learn about the Theology of the Body, filled the Bahay Pari Conference Room last June 20, 2014 for the TOB Seminar for Clergy.  Titled The Heart of the Matter: Engaging the Culture with the Christian Sexual Ethic, the Theology of the Body Seminar had as its main speaker Fr. Joel O. Jason, Dean of the Graduate School of Theology of San Carlos Seminary.  The seminar was part of a series of activities with the clergy conducted by Couples for Christ as part of its 33rd anniversary celebrations.  Priests from all over the Philippines and even from different countries such as Namibia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and India came to attend the seminar.

Couples for Christ has been regularly conducting Theology of the Body (TOB) formation activities in its effort to spread this very valuable teaching by St. John Paul II.  Recognizing the important role the clergy will play in this endeavor, CFC held this special seminar for priests that gave an overview of TOB as well as discussed its applications to the lives of single people, married couples, and celibates.  The open forum at the end of the seminar revealed the participants’ eagerness to use the learnings from the seminar to their work as pastors and their enthusiasm in diving deeper into the teaching through future conferences.

The Theology of the Body is a series of 129 talks given by the Pope St. John Paul II during the early part of his pontificate, from 1979 to 1984.  It is a series of Biblical reflections on God’s plan for man and woman, love, marriage, and sexuality, and what all these have to do with our destiny. (Joy Katigbak)



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