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CFC Featured in EWTN
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
February 27, 2014, was a day of rejoicing for the Lord has granted favor on Couples for Christ (CFC)!  Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), a renowned Catholic television network watched by around 250 million households throughout the world, recorded three episodes dedicated to CFC for its soon to be released series called The Church Universal.  Fr. Joseph Mary, host of the new series, interviewed not just members of CFC but members of the clergy who are so grateful for CFC.  The Church Universal series will air later this year and all three episodes featuring CFC will be televised thereafter.

The first episode featuring Ricky Cuenca, CFC Chairman, and his wife Irma along with Len and Marie Solomon from Kitchener, Canada, talked about what CFC and its Family Ministries are all about.  They highlighted the mission of CFC in terms of its mission of “Building the Church of the Home”, where they drew attention to how God through CFC made them a better person and the beauty it had brought in their relationship as husband and wife, thereby strengthening their family.

The second episode focused on CFC’s mission in “Building the Church of the Poor.”  Ricky Cuenca, talked about CFC’s work for the poor through its Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) ministry.  In this episode, he was joined by two priests, Fr. Michael McHugh from Hamilton, Canada who got involved in ANCOP’s Community Development Program, and Fr. Paul Griesgraber of Los Angeles, California who oversees the St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic school located in Reseda, California.  With them is a nun from the Sister of the Holy Child Jesus, Sr. Sheila McNiff, principal of the school.  Fr. Michael talked about how he was inspired by what ANCOP has been doing to build homes for those who are homeless.  

Fr. Paul was very thankful for how CFC added vibrancy and spirituality in his school through the members of CFC who are a big help in running the school. Fr. Paul also talked about how Jesus welcomes all the little children and does not turn them away.  He said that through ANCOP’s Child Sponsorship Program, St. Catherine can continue to welcome students who normally cannot afford to go to a Catholic school.

The third episode talked about CFC as a missionary community, and its oneness with the Catholic Church.  Eric Villanueva, CFCUSA National Director, along with his wife Pat, and Deacon John Coe and wife Veronica from Forth Worth, Texas talked about the missionary work of CFC in spreading the gospel of Christ throughout the world.  The good deacon talked about how he became part of CFC while he was serving in Egypt, and the condition of the life of the faithful in that part of the world. Veronica described how hungry people are for the word of God, and how CFC provided the spiritual support necessary to sustain those who are living far away from their families.  Pat mentioned that CFC believes that everyone is called for mission, that we are all called to share God’s love through our lives and because of this in essence, everyone is considered a missionary.  When Fr. Joseph asked how CFC looks at the “New Evangelization,” Eric was quick to point out that CFC believes that the New Evangelization is vital in its God-given mission in renewing the face of the earth.

The importance of re-evangelizing those who are already evangelized is crucial in bringing people into a closer relationship with the Lord.  Eric continued to say that learning more about what we believe in, will give us a better understanding and appreciation of our Catholic faith.  He pointed out the fact that CFC is going on its third year having a Marian theme.  The “Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord" (Magnificat) in 2012, “Obey and Witness” (Wedding at Cana) in 2013, and “Behold and Ponder” for 2014, with the scene of the crucified Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother and St. John standing at the foot .  Eric mentioned how these Marian themes bring more awareness and better appreciation of the role of the Blessed Mother in the lives of those in CFC.

These three episodes will not only highlight the works of Couples for Christ as a religious movement and the many favorable things that it can offer to the individual, to the family, to the church, and to the poor, but guided by the Holy Spirit, through its mission in “Building the Church of the Home” and “Building the Church of the Poor,” it will lead the community into humility giving back the praise to God for allowing CFC as an instrument in extending God’s love, joy, and compassion to His people. (Eric & Pat Villanueva)



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