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Learning from Mary to BEHOLD
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
CFC Chairman Ricky Cuenca delivered the second talk tiled Behold during the CFC Leaders Conference held last January 11, 2014 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. 
In his presentation, Cuenca discussed how Couples for Christ can learn from Mary to behold, using the heart and not the eyes to see. Being the first disciple, Mary is CFC’s model of beholding and responding.
“Mary our Mother, in the first instance of her recorded encounter with God, pondered and responded totally with the courage of one whose heart is pure. Another translation of BEHOLD is “HERE I AM”…She understood and readied herself to act, all the way, with her entire life,” he added.
Further, Cuenca stressed that to behold is to be engaged in a dialogue of love, having a dynamic connection & wholehearted responding. Cuenca emphasized, “Beholding is a seeing that acts in trustworthy response. Mary’s life, like our life, had its human share of joys and sorrows, of darkness and light. She journeyed in deep faith guided by the indwelling Holy Spirit.”
“As in Mary’s life, the initiating move is God’s. God is at work. Whenever God wants to do something, He lets us know and reveals Himself and His activities,” Cuenca stated. Despite the seeming impossibility of the task at hand, God called Mary to have a deeper reliance upon her relationship with Him so that she may grow into someone God desires her to be—the Mother of the Savior.
Cuenca reminded that Mary represents everyone in CFC. “God also calls us. There are some of us who unlike Mary, do not want to heed God's call. Some feel completely unqualified to do God's will. Nevertheless, when God calls, He knows what He is doing.” 
He added, “We cannot have a deep experience of God without changes or adjustments in our lifestyles, purposes, goals… not without an encounter with the word of God.” The life of Mary being everyone’s guide, Cuenca challenged the congregation to respond fearlessly because as God calls, God also provides and sustains. 
“When God speaks, He wants us to go from where we are to where He is, so that He can complete His saving activity through us.”
Cuenca then proceeded to present the International Council’s six-point priorities for the next two years, giving emphasis on CFC’s engagement in building the Church of the poor. As a final message, Cuenca left these words from Pope Francis: “Let us ask Our Lady to help us too, to give Christ's joy to our families, our companions, our friends, to everyone. Never be afraid to be generous with Christ. It is worth it! Go out and set off with courage and generosity, so that every man and every woman may meet the Lord.” (Alma Alvarez)



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