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`I am bold. I am CFC.`
Thursday, January 30, 2014
In his talk during the CFC Leaders Conference last January 11, 2014, CFC Executive Director George Campos described pondering as an act of one who is prepared to obey God without full knowledge or understanding, yet would quietly reflect and grow in understanding as God permitted. This very much depicts Mary, shown to have pondered on four occasions, as found on scripture: during the visit of the shepherds to the infant Jesus; when the child Jesus was presented to the temple; the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt; and the loss and finding of the child Jesus in the temple. On the first two occurrences, Mother Mary pondered and believed. “In her selection as the Mother of God, there would be sorrow and tragedy,” Campos shared. He added, “Mary’s example here teaches us that only from our deepest self, from our heart, can we offer to God what is most valuable. All else is secondary. She teaches us that the offering must be made, even when the consequences might be unpleasant or unknown.”

During the third, Mary pondered and loved. Amidst the threat of Herod against them, they knew they had to journey from death to life. With Joseph and Jesus, Mary becomes a refugee. 

“Like Mary, we too will be compelled to travel from a well-known and comfortable environment to a new place in which God’s grace will be our compass. She demonstrates that an intimate union with Jesus is intrinsic to progress in our spiritual life,” Campos recounted. And in order to protect what is precious to her, Mary had to make decisions and choices that would safeguard not only the life of her son, but also the mission that God entrusted to her. 

In the final situation, Mary pondered and hoped as she searched for the missing boy Jesus. Mary challenges us to recognize and accept the quest for Jesus as a substantive dimension of our Christian life and mission. 

Campos added, “She is the pioneer of this quest and so models the spiritual life for us. Like Mary, we will have to look for Jesus wherever our search leads us. With detachment and hope, our search will bring us to the temple, to the truth that Jesus is the only solid ground in which we must root our lives. Our search leads us, as did Mary’s own, to the “Fathers house”, to a way of life in union with Jesus.”

In the life of Couples for Christ, many have become guilty of negative attitudes which may obstruct one’s focus on Mary’s model of pondering. As a reminder, Campos presented the basic tools for spiritual growth which every CFC learned in Talk 10 of the Christian Life Program—Prayer, Study, Fellowship, Service, and the Sacraments. At the end of the session, Campos challenged Couples for Christ to be bold, taking to heart these words: “We are the music makers; the story tellers; teachers and poets; the men and women of vision and leadership; the legends, the saints, and the champions. We are the dreamers of dreams. Let us sit with God for a few minutes each day and dream with him, and with the vision that he places in our hearts, go out into the world with a contagious love that cannot be ignored.” (Alma Alvarez)



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