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CFC Participates in PCNE5
Monday, July 30, 2018

COUPLES for Christ participated at the 5th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization held at the University of Sto. Tomas Quadricentennial Pavilion from July 18, 19, 21and 22, 2018, and at the Cuneta Astrodome on July 20, 2018. Aside from being delegates, Couples for Christ also served at the conference in various capacities.

This year’s PCNE was anchored on Mark 6:30-44, with the theme “Moved with Compassion… Feed the Multitude.”

The delegates from CFC included leaders from the Metro Manila Sectors, as well as the CFC Global Mission Center workers.

First time delegates Regina Suarez (AITP candidate for Kids for Christ), RJ Reyes (from the General Administration Department) and Jen Umpad (missionary for Singles for Christ) shared their insights and experiences of the PCNE.

According to Suarez, “The PCNE experience has made me fall deeper in love with our Catholic faith and all the more with the giver of life, God.” She added, “Three things would describe what I learned: I was hungry, I was fed, I am ready to go; hungry to learn, fed with God's life-giving messages, and ready to go and proclaim His unconditional love.”

Reyes described his PCNE experience as an opportunity to re-discover what really matters in life. He said, “Just like what Cardinal Tagle said last Friday at the Cuneta Astrodome, we are afraid to face our own hungers and thirst.

And that fear makes us shut our eyes and our ears so that we do not see and hear of the hungers and thirsts of other people."

Timely, personal and led by the Holy Spirit—this was how Umpad described the PCNE. She said, “The PCNE was the proper time to talk about the issues and realities in the Catholic Church, and to remind everyone about compassion in times when it is very difficult to be Catholic. I was on the edge of my seat during every discussion and session!”

Umpad added, “The conference challenged me to be Catholic at a time when people are questioning our faith. During the sessions, I could not help but ask myself: “What then can I do with the little bread and fish that I have?”

Aside from encouraging the workers and members from Metro Manila to attend the PCNE, CFC also served in the different committees.

George Campos, a member of the Board of Elders and currently the Church Relations Office Head, served in the Mobilization Committee and was in charge of inviting various lay organizations to the PCNE, as well as making sure the clergy from overseas and the provinces were taken care of.

Metro Manila Missions Head Michael Bukuhan, Family Ministries Head Lawrence Quintero, counsellor Shake Guevarra-Hocson, PhD., and Mission Head for the Americas Bboy Arguelles and wife Rachel also served as resource persons in the various breakout sessions during the conference. (Andrelene Veloso)



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