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CFC Mzuzu - Malawi Turns 1
Monday, July 30, 2018

COUPLES for Christ – Mzuzu, Malawi’s first anniversary was indeed a first in its truest sense because of the many firsts that CFC and the adult ministries?SFC, HOLD and SOLD?witnessed prior to, during the day of celebration and immediately after the occasion.

During the festive day, CFC members started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by the Vicar General Msgr. Andrew Chunda, with a very affirming message taken from the book of Isaiah, “Here I am Lord, send me,” exhorting the community to strive in sustaining the life and mission of the community.

The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Raymond Mwale, CFC Mzuzu Spiritual Adviser and Parish Priest of St. Bernadette; and Fr. Peter Ndolo.

After the Mass, Ezekiel Nyirenda, CFC Country Head, led the opening worship, the first full worship using CFC songs! Right after the worship and while in the churchyard, the members enjoyed the fun games. Then came the parade, another first, with colorful balloons while the CFC theme song played, and CFC Malawi marched several times around the courtyard.

Agape lunch followed inside the parish hall where everyone brought plenty of food to share, including the Filipino staple pork adobo.

Ed and Cora Magbag of CFC UAE, Missions Coordinator for Malawi, and the missionaries from CFC-UAE, have been the primary movers of the mission in Malawi. CFC Malawi expressed appreciation for the Evangelization and CLP Training, Music Ministry workshops, Speaker’s Training, Financial Stewardship, Tongues Workshop, household meeting simulation, series of focused coaching with the leaders and one-on-one’s, all of which allowed them to understand the life and mission of Couples for Christ. Such commitment from the missionaries empowered CFC Malawi to commit to do their own CLP in their own language in 12 weeks.

Another first, and the most important, was the dedication shown by the Country Head when he joined the three-day mission in Mzambazi to do the Household Leaders Training, Marriage Enrichment Retreat 1 and meetings with CFC in St. John parish. With the growing mission, the beginning of CFC Malawi’s second year promises to be exciting, with a bright future for CFC Malawi in the horizon. (Rico Gamogamo)



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