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CFC Family Ministries—Grateful for 25 Years, Hopeful for Next 25
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At the CFC Family Ministries Congress held on June 22, Family Ministries Head Lawrence Quintero encouraged CFC to be grateful to the Lord for the past 25 years of the Family Ministries, to embrace unity in the Family Ministries and the CFC community, and to realize that all things will ultimately lead to holiness.

“We were led by the Holy Spirit to renew families—to keep families safe in the Lord,” Quintero said during his opening address.

Present at the congress were International Core members of the CFC Singles for Christ, CFC Youth for Christ, CFC Handmaids of the Lord, CFC Servants of the Lord, and CFC Kids for Christ, as well as the coordinators from Metro Manila, the various provinces and countries. They were there to discuss the updates, highlights and thrusts of each ministry, and to listen to exhortations from the leadership on how the Family Ministries can spread Christ, strengthen families and serve the poor.

CFC Evangelization and Missions Director Arnel Santos asked the congress delegates to recall the past, relish the present and look forward to the future, acknowledging that God has always been, and will always be there for those who believe.

Santos stressed that the seasons in the life of CFC are manifestations of God’s blessings to the community and the families, and that the high and low points in this journey of life are simply opportunities for adventures for and with the Lord.

Later in the day, Quintero encouraged the Family Ministries to continue to work on the oneness they have built over the past years. He urged everyone to establish clear service relationships, clear pastoral relationships and a clear working relationship within the Family Ministries.

Accompaniment workshops were held to gather pertinent information from the area leaders.

In the afternoon, CFC Pastoral Formation Office Director Rouquel Ponte, in his talk “Pastoral Accompaniment in CFC Family Ministries,” encouraged the delegates to make the journey of faith together as one family, making everyone an instrument of humanity and compassion.

“God’s dream is for us to go back to him and so let us be in this journey together, keeping in-step with our Lord,” he said.

As the family ministries move towards evangelization, Ponte exhorted the delegates to see the Church as a place where everyone is welcome, loved and forgiven.

Quintero expressed hope that for the next years to come, the Family Ministries and the whole CFC community would be united in the mission to be God’s bearers of truth and instruments towards holiness.

CFC Bicol Regional Head, Vic Alvarez, shared how he had been enriched when he was still in SFC, and now that he and his wife Donna are in CFC, through the inspiration of his CFC leaders, they continue to do the mission entrusted to them, bringing their children wherever they were called.

Garie Pimentel, CFC North Asia Regional Coordinator and South B Family Ministries Head, shared how the Family Ministries helped his and wife Ces’ pastoral growth in many ways. He believes that the Family Ministries is about working together, understanding and knowing each other.

Fr. Jun-G Bargayo, S.J., a former pastoral worker for YFC before he entered the seminary, celebrated the Mass that ended the congress.

Fr. Bargayo reminded the family ministries that their ‘yes’ is a grace from the Lord and that same grace will sustain the call He has given each one. He expressed gratitude to the CFC community for nourishing the seed that has been planted in him.

“Our hearts are filled with God’s love, a love that hopes, brings joy, and brings much greater love. Thank you for planting in me the seed of my vocation, and for allowing and giving us opportunities to find where our heart is,” he said. (Andrelene Veloso)


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