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Friday, June 15, 2018

Having attended a similar conference before, we knew what would happen. We expected it to have the usual five to six talks, followed by a sharing and the praise and worship sessions throughout the day. Nothing new, really. However, the 2018 National Conference will be in New Plymouth—for us, that made a whole lot of difference! New Plymouth is our first home in New Zealand… it is where we were introduced to the CFC community. It is a place where we have our family! So no questions asked, we are definitely attending. I realized that was just our Lord’s way to make sure we make it and I’m grateful He did as we learned so much from the experience and made it truly memorable. When things get tough, whether in our personal life and our service, I would always remind myself of the following things which I got from my experience:


We are blessed as an individual, as a community

There’s a lot to be thankful for. By knowing God, we are enlightened by His daily gifts to us and our family. We are equipped with the gift of prayer, and we are encouraged to use it. We also have the gift of brothers and sisters and together, we become a community of believers.


We have a purpose and we need to fulfill it

We should evangelize other families, and nurture one another as brothers and sisters – these is our primary purpose. In one of the talks, we were reminded of the need to keep the evangelized within the flock. Also from the Holy Mass of the second day, Bishop Charles Drennan of Palmerston North gave us all an even bigger challenge— to extend our purpose beyond race, to evangelize even non-Filipinos! It was a fitting message and something we need to take seriously.


We do everything for God

In the midst of our service and our fellowship with our brothers and sisters, it is normal to experience challenges. And human as we are, possibly our first instinct will be to think of giving up, of getting away from the community. One important thing that I got from the conference was a regained focus—focus on our Lord! Most of the time, when we are so engrossed with too much service, we forget our “why”. Why do we actually sacrifice our time, our treasures, our physical strength for service? Because everything is for God, not for anything else. Everything we do should always be for God!


Everything is easier if you work as a team, more so as a family

My last take away is something that I didn’t get from any of the talks. It is from having the privilege to witness how the Taranaki service team worked during the conference. CFC Taranaki is not a big area – it is growing, but not big. So how they were able to pull off the execution of a national conference with around 700 delegates is first and foremost through God’s grace, and secondly through the strength of relationship of the service team. The local CFC families extended their hospitality and generosity by hosting speakers from the Philippines— Shok Ariola, Joe Tale, Allan Baino and Danny Simangan (our new Country Coordinator). CFC Taranaki worked as a family, with each having a task and everyone looking out for one another. It is the same reason we will always consider them as our family in New Zealand, no matter how far away we are from them. When you work with family, there are always reasons to have fun!


The same message applies to our respective areas and services. We have a purpose, and most of the time it is not easy. Nevertheless, when the going gets tough, we need to call on our CFC family. In the same way, we need to be available for our community. We are a community of believers, with the same purpose – to evangelize, for the glory of our Lord! No task is impossible if we call on His help, and throughout our journey, He will continually manifest His presence, as He is constantly watching, listening, and walking with us. (Dianne Joy Alamar)



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