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CFC Canada Marches for Life
Friday, June 15, 2018

The Gift of Life Ministry (GOL) of Couples for Christ Canada participated at the annual March for Life event at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Participants were at Square One as early as 6 o’clock in the morning of May 10 to wait for the bus that would take them to the event venue.


Joining the Ottawa delegation in the bus were some members from Scarborough.  The members prepared themselves for the spiritual battle by praying the Rosary.  There were dark clouds and rainy weather outside but the prayers, fun and the camaraderie in the bus lifted the participants’ spirits. The bible trivia game challenged their minds and knowledge of scripture, and many passed with flying colors. 


Pro-life Members of Parliament (MP), senators, youth leaders and members of the clergy were among the line up of powerful and passionate speakers. Harold Albrecht, a conservative MP for Kitchener-Conestoga gave an affirmation speech, emphasizing that the marchers were all there for one reason—to stop the killings, especially those of the 300 fetuses being killed by abortion every day in Canada. “This is the reason we demonstrate, the reason we all march,” Albrecht said.


The 2018 March for Life theme was “Pro-life All-in.”  The speakers encouraged everyone to commit themselves to the pro-life movement by going all in to defend human life at all its stages. It was a moment to be all-in to speak the truth, all-in without exceptions, without excuses and without compromise. The March for Life 2018 logo depicted a smiling unborn child in a heart shaped womb, cradled by loving hands, as if telling everyone that at that state of life, there should only be love.


Several women testified how they regretted going through abortion. According to them, abortion does not only stop the beating heart of a helpless human being, but also causes the mother to feel a toxic mixture of despair, regret, anger, helplessness, nightmares and even nervous breakdowns.  It was heart-warming to know that because of the Pro-life Movement, these women have found new hope to help them live new lives.


One touching testimony was from a young girl who, despite being an alcoholic, a cocaine addict, an incest survivor, and with post-traumatic childhood conditions, chose life for her unborn child.  Society had labeled her as too weak, damaged and not strong enough to bring forth life. Against all odds, when she did choose to let her baby live, her own life began anew.  Her heroic and fierce spirit made her stand firm on her decision.  Although she was torn by the thought that she might not be able to provide a good life for her unborn child, especially living under the circumstances she was in, she could not give the baby a death sentence he did not ask for.  Today she is not dependent on anything except the Word of God, and is completing a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.


The March began shortly after the speeches. The pro-life demonstrators and prayer warriors had to walk the route in reverse as the normal route was blocked by a counter protest group. 


The route was also altered in observance of the new provincial “bubble zone” law.  Everyone in the March carried signs, sang songs of praise to God and in honor of the Blessed Mother, prayed the Rosary or just walked in silence.  People from different organizations and different Christian parishes walked together to stand up for one common goal, one hope and one faith.  It was a beautiful sight.


After the March, the CFC delegation left Ottawa tired but joyful. The first time marchers, especially the youth, were more than just believers defending the life of the unborn. The young marchers particularly posed questions like, “What can we do to help the counter-protesting women?” or “How can CFC support women in crisis?” and it was a blessing to know that despite their youth, they will not be afraid to make a stand. (Roni Van Tassel)



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