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Thursday, February 15, 2018

COUPLES for Christ’s Order of Saint Michael (CFC-OSM), forged a partnership with the PNP Police Regional Office for Region 4a (PRO4a-CALABARZON) in support of their initiative on the Internal Cleansing Program (ICP).

After a series of meetings, and after agreement of both sides, a joint orientation program was held last December 2017. The orientation was hosted by the PNP-PRO4a in their headquarters. Forty participants from various chapters of CFC Laguna Province and 20 participants from Metro Manila CFC chapters attended the orientation, together with the leadership of the CFC-OSM Core.

The program started with a joint keynote address, with Col Arturo Alabanza PAF (Ret), CFC-OSM Program Head, providing the overview for the CFC-OSM, followed by P/Supt Elmer B. Sillador PNP, PRO4a’s chief for Regional Police Community Relations Division (RPCRD) who provided the overview of the Internal Cleansing Program (ICP) to be piloted at the regional office.

Pastor Adiel De Torres ThD, the Project Manager for PNP-PRO4a Squad Management Team, discussed “My Brother’s Keeper”, the program conceptualized by P/CSupt Ma. O. Rañada Aplasca, incumbent PNP Regional Director, to reinforce the ICP.

Pastor Adiel provided the overview of the associated implementation plan (ImPlan) for the said program which is embodied in ImPlan 149: Squad Time Enhancement Program (STEP) of the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

This initiative is composed of a group of seven personnel, one of whom acts as the Values Coach, another acting as a Squad Leader and the remaining five personnel as Squad Members. The said grouping had been established since late 2017 at the regional office with the vision of implementing it to all the different police offices under its jurisdiction.

P/CSupt Aplasca has already issued a directive making every Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:30 AM, as “Squadding Time” for the entire police force at the PRO4a headquarters.

Being an inter-faith activity which pretty much tackles the character enhancement of a person, CFC-OSM can perfectly complement the said program and thus, they were requested to provide assistance to cover the Values Coach for every group.

Volunteers from the CFC Chapter within the vicinity of the PRO4a were quick to answer the call to serve as Values Coaches, and will join the other volunteers from the different religious denominations as well. Last January, “My Brother’s Keeper” was extended outside the PRO4a regional headquarters and implemented at the Sta. Rosa City Police Headquarters.

By February, the directive would have been released by the regional director for implementation all over the areas of operation of PRO4a CALABARZON.

Despite the very full plate of CFC-OSM, the program plans to do more Spearheads training to assist the Values Coaches all over CALABARZON.

According to CFC OSM, this is a small price to pay, considering the opportunity to share God’s love to the men and women in the uniformed services, particularly in the police force, and in shaping them to become responsible law enforcers of the country. (LTC Roland J. Ong INF (GSC) PA (Res))


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