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CFC’s “sacred spaces”
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The CFC Institute spearheaded the first lecture series, which they envision will support the work of CFC, on October 14, 2017 at the Layforce Chapel, San Carlos Major Seminary, Guadalupe, Makati City. 

Rev. Fr. Jose Mario Francisco, SJ, former president of the Loyola School of Theology and author of an article published in the Philippine Study journal titled “Mapping Religious and Civil Spaces in Traditional and Charismatic Christianities in the Philippines” was the guest speaker for the first talk titled Mapping Religious Spaces. His article featured CFC as one organic body that truly spreads the gospel by creating “sacred spaces” starting in the family, extending to other families and the work place, in the different areas of the Philippines and to the ends of the earth. 

In his talk, Fr. Francisco shared how the cre-ation of religious spaces is based on Christianity, how the digital space,which is also a space for evangelization, is also a religious space and further explained mission as, “Mission is the place where we are called to evangelize. Because of its evangelical and charismatic spirituality, CFC sees as basic the conversion of the heart and therefore it is the heart that is the first space for conversion and the work of CFC has been precise to enter into people’s hearts to help them change—that is an important space.”

In addition to his statement, he also emphasized what CFC has been doing to families and CFC’s worldwide reach. “From the individual (the conversion of the heart), then, to the family. The family is a place for evangelization, that’s why your emphasis on family is important and your global outreach has been made possible precisely because you are not tied to a particular place,” Fr. Francisco said. He asked, “In the future, is this still the way that you see how CFC will be maintaining their place in a community? In what spaces will you undertake mission?”

He added, “In my study, I have found that the social involvement of CFC was very much centered on and had its basis on the conversion of the heart and CFC says that the key to changing, to reforming Philippine society is by reforming the hearts of people, therefore what CFC promoted among its members was good citizenship.” He urged the participants to reflect on the question: “When we do our mission, what is our basis? How do we see it? Why do we have to be involved in this and not another?” 

His final message was for everyone to reflect on the spaces that we think are important for the community and for the mission that will help us understand what we are doing and why. Arnel Santos, a member of the CFC International Council and former CFC Social Development Programs Head, shared: “I thank God for the gift that is Couples for Christ. Now we realize that God has been opening our spaces for us to realize that we can be of use in that particular space, be it in our hearts, in our families, in the marketplaces, and in the peripheries.” (Yvonne Dolorosa)


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