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CFC Joins Partners in PCNE Thanksgiving Mass
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Let us keep the spirit alive. We search for communion. We live lives, and as one community, we hope to focus on the power of communion, which is much needed in our world today." -His Eminence Most Rev. Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, D.D.This was the highlight of the homily of His Eminence Most Rev. Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, D.D. during the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization 4 Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila last August 8, 2017.

Partner-organizations of PCNE and volunteers gathered in fellowship after the con-ference, reminiscing about the conversion and transformation of faith that happened to the participants as a re-sult of the conference.Couples for Christ, as a partner of the PCNE, was represented by George and Cynthia Campos, Joe Tale, Ruel and Mary Ann Aguirre, Yvonne Dolorosa and Andrelene Veloso.

In his homily, His Eminence recalled the theme for the PCNE 4: “Of One Heart and Soul.” He shared his own realizations and how the stories of the sharers during the three-day conference also transformed him.During the conference, he saw how healing occurred because people who should be prejudiced towards one another experienced true communion after praying for each other.He cited Rodito Mahinay’s story (a CFC leader in Zamboanga), as an example of healing and conversion.Mahinay witnessed the killing of his father when he was nine years old. From then on, he prepared for revenge, yet he ended up forgiving the killers of his father. How? The killers of his father had joined the Christian Life Program, and later on became members of his CFC household (prayer group). His interac-tion with them during the regular prayer meetings eventually brought about his healing and his ability to fully forgive.

Tagle reminded the partners and guests about the calling each person has to be bearers of the Good News even to one’s enemies. “If I am called by God to be a bearer of Good News, I will always say, “Lord, please, spare even my enemy,” Cardinal Tagle said.He believes that this is the beginning of the new vision on new evangelization for the faithful to not delight in the misery of others. He also encouraged everyone to always look at the positive side, and to always focus on God, who has the power to turn struggles into victories.

“Kapag ang lagi mong tinitingnan ay problema, talagang lulubog ka. Pero kung titingin ka kay Hesus, andyan ang problema, pero aangat ka,”he expressed.With everything that is happening around -- war, the refugee crisis, terrorism and even one’s own personal battles, he encouraged the faithful to be like Peter who was brave enoughto challenge Jesus to let him walk on water. Tagle challenged those who attended the gathering to refocus and redirect their vision only to God. Only then will each one realize that they are part of the journey in discover-ing one’s calling— a calling “to show the world that Jesus is our only way, truth, and life.” (Andrelene Veloso)



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