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EA Holds Annual Regular Meeting
Monday, July 3, 2017

THE ELDERS Assembly (EA) of Couples for Christ, the highest governing body of CFC composed of 292 men and women leaders from across the globe, gathered for their annual regular meeting last June 22, 2017. On the agenda were the annual reports of the CFC Chairman and Treasurer as well as the election of the next set of Board of Trustees (International Council).

For the meeting proper, attendance was at an all-time high of 215 or 73.6% of total EA membership. For the elections which were held after dinner, the voting population, including 40 proxy votes sent in by those who could not physically be present, stood at 255, or 87.3%. This is the highest attendance and votes ever recorded in the history of the EA.

Chairman Joe Tale reported on the accomplishments and future directions of CFC. He focused on eight (8) major directions: 

  1. Evangelization or Expanding the Reach: The Chapter Leaders Summit, held on June 23, is the first ever summit of chapter leaders, designed to focus on the special needs of the chapter, which is widely considered as the mini-CFC. The International Mission is also looking at greater efficiency in its mission goals, with all mission areas mandated to submit pastoral plans for their areas. In the area of gateway evangelization, the Migrants Program and the Order of St. Michael as well as Cornerstone and greater coordination with parishes, are expected to provide the needed impetus.
  2. Formation or Strengthening the Core: Among the major directions in the area of formation is the manualization of processes and teaching tracks, the programs of the Couples for Christ Institute, and the publication of important books such as the history of CFC (the second volume of “Moved by the Holy Spirit”, on the evolution and development of CFC’s relations with the clergy” is scheduled for release in 2018).
  3. Family Ministries: One of the major tasks of the Family Ministries is the revisiting of the call and the structure that governs its relationship with CFC.
  4. ANCOP the Ministry: ANCOP is set to strengthen its partnerships with organizations such as Caritas, Cross Catholic and SM Foundation and to expand the reach of its Social Development Programs such as Project ReForm, Oikos and STMA.
  5. Communications: Recognizing that communications play an important role in evangelization, CFC has ventured and will continue to engage in mainstream media (radio and TV)
  6. Mission Support: To strengthen mission capabilities, CFC is intensifying training and care for missionaries, conducting refresher programs, strengthening the Global Mission Center through a better compensation and benefits programs for its workers and missionaries and building an extension at GMC to provide workers with bigger and better facilities.
  7. Clergy/External Relations: The CFC Center in Rome and the move to strengthen relationships with Vatican Dicasteries such as Laity, Family and Life and Integral Human Development, and with CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) Commissions are at the center of this direction.
  8. Strategic Planning/Organization Review: The results of the Strategic Planning held in March 2016 and the consequent dialogues and consultations with various levels of CFC leadership were encapsulated in the Strategic Imperatives, originally five imperatives but later on condensed in two – Focused Evangelization and the revised CFC Organizational Structure. The structure makes a clear distinction between the policy-making and operational functions of the International Council and has proposed that only two or at the most three IC members hold operational positions, in keeping with this distinction.

Jimmy Ilagan, CFC Treasurer, also presented a comparative report of CFC’s financial statements (2015 and 2016) and announced that CFC remains to be in a strong financial position.

The meeting was held at the Christ the King Parish Multipurpose Hall in Greenmeadows, Quezon City. The elections were held after dinner (see separate story here). (CFC Global Comm)



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