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TEACH Expo 2017: Act to Love
Monday, June 5, 2017

MORE than 500 volunteers participated in the 6th CFC Cornerstone Teach Expo last May 27, 2017. The expo, held at the Singson Hall of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School, had as this year’s theme, “Act  to Love”, anchored on 1 Corinthians 16:14: Do everything in love. 

Vince Saplot, fulltime pastoral worker from SFC Metro Manila led the opening worship. CFC ANCOP Chairman Jimmy Ilagan welcomed  the volunteers from Metro Manila and different parts of Luzon and conveyed his gratitude to  the partners, particularly the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED), headed by Dr. Carmela Oracion. 

He  also acknowledged  the  generosity  of  the  creator of the ALFA-BITS, Dr. Edgar Nicolas from the United States, and Ms. Anne Afheldt, representative of the Toronto Catholic School Board. Ilagan likewise commended the volunteers from CFC Singles for Christ and Couples for Christ for their commitment to show up every Saturday in order to teach the educationally-challenged grade schoolers the basics of reading and writing.

"We are here to share the stories of our victories, as well as our challenges; to learn new skills, and to strengthen our bond as a family—one united family for the Lord,” Ilagan exhorted. Ilagan added that serving in Cornerstone is a calling that allows the tutors to level  up and transcend their service. Lastly, he expressed hope that the service each volunteer offers is a work of love.

In Session 1 (Strong and  Faithful), Aissa Aurellano, team leader of Bagong  Silang Elementary School and a Cornerstone core team member, shared about her journey in Cornerstone and reminded her fellow-tutors of their mission to share the Lord’s love for the children they serve.

After the morning’s talk, ten workshops were held simultaneously. They were:

  • Funterest  (a workshop showcasing different teaching techniques) 
  • Powerpoint Tips and Tricks (how to maximize multimedia as a teaching tool)
  • You ROCK (a workshop for ROCK facilitators run by CFC Kids for Christ)
  • Once Upon a Cornerstone (storytelling and reading workshop)
  • The ABC of MBT (a workshop on Behavioral Manage-ment)
  • ALFA-BITS (the use of the AYBE game set to teach kids letter and  word recognition, pronunciation and even vocabulary building)
  • EnCourage (Advocating Cornerstone)
  • Excel in EXCEL (an in-depth workshop to equip tutors in documentation and reporting using Microsoft Excel)
  • Read-Street (a reading tutorial model)
  • Couple Coordinator’s workshop

After the morning and afternoon workshops, the participants gathered to  listen to Dr. Carmela Oracion who stressed the value of the work the Cornerstone  volunteers are doing, as well as the impact of each tutor’s care  and  affection  for the  children. “These  are small steps that can possibly create change in society,” she affirmed.

In  the last session (Act to Love), CFC ANCOP Cornerstone project head Sherryl Canlas shared her own  story, inspiring everyone to have the courage to love the mission more. 

Sharing a quotation from Bob Goff  that says, “Every act of selfless love is a declaration of faith”, Canlas relayed that the love each person receives from the Lord is the reason why one is also able to love others.

The day ended with the closing worship led by Ace Lu, who also instigated the commissioning activity where everyone received inspiring quotation cards about the  beauty of teaching. As the children and the tutors gear up for the next schoolyear, the TEACH Expo’s reminder of “Putting faith into action by doing all things with love” was timely. (Diana A. Mendoza)


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