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CFC ANCOP USA Opens Multi-purpose Center in Rizal
Monday, February 13, 2017

SAN  MATEO,  RIZAL-  A  new  two-storey building, which houses an education center,  a  health  center  and  a  multi-purpose center, was opened at the Our Lady of Banneux  ANCOP  Community  in San Mateo Rizal last February 5, 2017. The center was built for 84 families who are now homeowners at the community. Their houses were sponsored by CFC ANCOP USA.


Roger and Josie Santos of CFC ANCOP USA, donors of the building’s Education Center,  said  the  people,  especially  the young,  who live  in  the  community  welcome the opening of the new building.


“The students are really looking forward to doing their school work inside the Center,” said Josie Santos. Other donors are Conrad and Mila Cacho of CFC ANCOP Houston, TX (Multi-purpose Hall), the local Rotary Club (Health Center).


The following ANCOP USA Regions also donated for the completion of the building: Northeast A & B, Northwest A-Seattle, North Central A-Illinois, Southeast A& B and Southcentral- TX. (Manny Caballero)


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