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Elders Assembly Meet on Proposed Changes
Monday, February 13, 2017

THE  ELDERS Assembly  held  its  first regular meeting of the year on January 15, 2017 at the Multipurpose Hall of the Lay Formation Center in Guadalupe, Makati.Msgr. Allen Aganon, spiritual adviser of the International Council, celebrated the Mass that kicked off the day’s activities. Toffee Jeturian, National Director of CFC USA, led the members in a highlyspirited and Spirit-filled worship.

The first order of business was the determination of quorum. Bong Arjonillo, CFC Board Secretary, announced that 224 members or 78% of the total membership of 288, were present, leading CFC Chairman Joe Tale to remark that this was the highest attendance yet.

The main agenda of the meeting was the presentation of two Strategic Imperatives being proposed for implementation – Focused Evangelization and Organization  Design  and  Governance.   Joe Tale informed the members that the presentations were the result of more than nine months  of  meetings  and  consultations with key leaders  from  the  sectors  and provinces and people from a cross-section of  CFC  community,  including  fulltime pastoral  workers and  staff  from  the Global Mission Center. The first presentation of the  strategic  imperatives  was made in June 2016 during the EA regular meeting. Joe Tale acknowledged the help of James Dio and Ed David in the many consultative meetings that were held over the past months.

Some  key  feedbacks  that  formed  the basis of the meetings and consultations were: CFC leaders are burdened with too many activities,  some  leaders  have  too many service positions; leaders need to be further developed and strengthened, and there is a need to go back to the basic core of CFC which involve mission and family.


Joe Tale further remarked that CFC is a 35-year old community and this is the time to reflect on where we are. He emphasized that while CFC has a corporate identity and thus needs to practice good governance, it is also basically and more importantly, a pastoral community with the family as the center.

Shok Ariola presented the strategic imperative  of  Focused Evangelization  the basic principles of which are: 1) God raised CFC to raise empowered families; and thus our community’s strength is measured by the  strength  and  holiness  of  individual families; and 2) the basic focus of CFC are evangelization, family, mission and work with the poor.


In order to be able to abide by these principles, Shok proposed the strengthening of the  Mission  Core basically  by  developing the  MC  as  a  group  that  prays  more and pastors more. He also proposed the further development  of gateway  evangelization activities, such activities to be done by nonCFC members but driven by CFC. Examples of these activities are ANCOP programs and the Social Development programs.


With regard to Organizational Design and Good Governance, Bong Arjonillo presented an organizational structure that embodies basic changes  that  are  being  proposed  for greater  effectivity  and adherence  to  good governance  practices.   There  were  a  number of  questions  raised  with  regard  to  the structure.


Joe Tale emphasized that this is still a work in progress and that this matter requires  greater  discernment  and  prayers since the changes being proposed will make a significant impact on CFC as a community. Joe  Tale  announced  that  the  presentations will be presented in another meeting and invited the EA members to review the presentations and submit their comments so that the International Council can have a better basis for moving forward with the proposals.



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