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Friday, May 6, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Peace and Joy be with you!

Elections in a democracy, as Cardinal Chito Tagle stated in his homily delivered on May 2, 2016, are an opportunity for a great blessing. They are participation to a gift, and the act of voting is something that is rooted not just on our love for country but also our love for God.

As the 2016 National Elections draw near, let us rejoice in this blessing that we shall exercise our “capacity to participate intellectually, rationally, and with conscience.” More importantly, we come together in unity and prayer to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit in choosing the next leaders of our nation.

We turn for guidance to the CBCP Statement dated May 1, 2016, entitled “PROPHETS OF TRUTH, SERVANTS OF UNITYPastoral Appeal in the Spirit of Our for Love of God and Country.” We ask everyone, especially CFC leaders, to read this pastoral guidance in full. Let us heed the call of our Church, to “cast our votes as an act not only of citizenship but also as a public declaration of faith.”

Let us deeply examine our hearts and remember that “[a] choice for a candidate who takes positions that are not only politically precarious but worse, morally reprehensible, cannot and should not be made by the Catholic faithful and those who take their allegiance to Christ and his Kingship seriously.”

Let us be mindful that “one cannot proclaim Christ as King and at the same time accept the governance of one whose thoughts, speech and demeanor are diametrically opposed to the demands of submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

Let us also ponder on our bishops’ exhortation that change “cannot take the form of supporting a candidate whose speech and actions, whose plans and projects show scant regard for the rights of all, who has openly declared indifference if not dislike and disregard for the Church specially her moral teachings.”

Finally, we echo the CBCP’s encouragement for CFC members, in the Philippines and abroad, to pray the Rosary and receive Holy Communion every day from May 1-9 for the intentions of “a godly electoral process”.

May the Lord grant us the grace to be instruments of peace, reconciliation and healing.

For the CFC International Council:



May 3, 2016


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