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CFC Family Ministries: Helping build the future of families
Sunday, September 27, 2015

“The future of humanity passes by way of family.” (Familiaris Consortio, November 1981)

Quoting John Paul II from his apostolic exhortation on the role of the Christian family in the modern world, Familaris Consortio, Family Ministries Director Jimmy Ilagan reiterated the call for a more unified family evangelization and mission among the Family Ministries of Couples for Christ.

In a meeting with the Family Ministries’ international coordinators, core members and area coordinators last August 20 at the CFC Global Mission Center, Ilagan urged the group to be “guided by principles of unity, uniformity, interdependence and accountability” as the ministries strive to live out the vision and mission of the community.

One army CFC’s presence in all provinces of the Philippines and in 130 countries internationally is but proof of the faithfulness of the Lord in blessing the community’s participation in the evangelistic work of Jesus through the Church. Ilagan reminded the Family CFC Family Ministries: Helping build the future of families Ministries, imbued with the spirit of unity, to transcend national, racial and cultural differences, and unite their efforts if their work is to come to fruition.

Distinct and distinguishable

Despite the wide expanse of membership, Ilagan explained that the Family Ministries are to be distinct in their identity, nature and character so as to make them distinguishable to any member in any part of the world. And this can be done by ensuring the “uniformity in the most important elements” of the life and mission of the family ministries. These elements include the use of the same identity-bearing elements (name, logo, vision and mission statement), structure, formation and spirituality.

Network of families

Ilagan further explained that to reinforce oneness of mission, CFC including its Family Ministries is organized as one global network of families interdependent on one another. In the Family Ministries, particularly, there has to be sharing of resources (direction, manpower, mission tools, etc.), that would enable each ministry to further the mission and grow in their way of life.

Accountable to God and each other

According to Ilagan, CFC continues to be “an evangelistic and missionary community”, and thus there is the call for CFC and its ministries to be accountable for their life and service to God through those whom they serve. In line with this, the Family Ministries were reminded that they are accountable to the CFC International Council for “the conduct of their life and work, while preserving always the rights of the local Ordinary.” (7.24 of the Vatican Statutes) Guided by these principles, the Family Ministries Director exhorted the Family Ministries to continue to be aligned with CFC strategies and to aim for personal transformation, evangelization and faith in action.

The meeting concluded with a strong note of encouragement to the leaders of the Family Ministries. Jimmy Ilagan, quoting John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio, urged those present to use their respective ministries to plant the seed of faith and hope despite an uncertain future, preserve and protect the dignity of humanity amid the widespread dehumanization, and to intensify family evangelization and formation of families for the Lord in spite of the constant attacks against it.

According to Ilagan, this is the first of a series of meetings of the Family Ministries International Core, which aim to be an avenue for the leaders of KFC, YFC, SFC, HOLD and SOLD to strengthen relationship and establish unity with one another and to move towards greater growth of the community in its life and mission. (Glynis Dangel, YFC PFO Head)



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