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CFC Tanzania: ‘Love More’ On Its 20th Year
Tuesday, September 1, 2015

COUPLES for Christ Tanzania’s “Love More” National Conference coincided with its 20th anniversary celebration. This was a fortuitous event, especially since the speakers delivered the message of love so well that both English-speaking and Swahili-speaking participants were inspired and moved.

Bishop Titus Mdoe, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Dar Es Salaam, and National Spiritual Guardian, celebrated the opening Mass on Day 1. He reminded all the participants that the salvation of the family is the duty of everyone in the community.

He also emphasized that Couples for Christ will help families strengthen their faith and make everyone witnesses of God’s love to one another, resulting in a family founded on love, respect and unity.

The following day, during the anniversary celebration, some of the participants shared their thoughts on the previous day’s “Love More” talks. This was followed by greetings from delegates and representatives from Mwanza, Moshi Dioceses, Keith Sampson, Country Head of South Africa and Salvador Ellica, Middle East Regional Missions Coordinator.

Country Coordinator Noli Paquiz presented the National Governance Team (GT) of Tanzania who will serve for the next two years and the entire assembly prayer over them. The GT is composed of Jacob and Lucy Sangia (Family Ministries), James and Jennet Msigalla (PFO), Kapistran and Maria Haule (Evangelization and Mission), Constantine and Elina Kaniki (Mission Support), Theophil and Yusta Mfala (BCOP), Sylvester and Lucy Mahiri (National Director). New Unit heads and Family Ministries coordinators where also prayed over.

CFC’s mission in Africa began in Tanzania when it was introduced in 1995 at St. Peter’s Oyster Bay Parish, Archdiocese of Dar Es Salaam by Ponet & Kit Ladrido and Lito & Cely Pangan. The two couples conducted the first CLP with two CFC, two Handmaids of the Lord and one Servants of the Lord as the first batch of graduates. CFC is now present in nine Dioceses with a total active membership of more than 800 (150 Couples, 400 Handmaids, and a few SOLD, Singles for Christ and Youth for Christ.

One of the highlights of the anniversary celebration was the sharing of one of the first couples from the first CLP batch, Maurice Otienon, now 86 years old. His testimony inspired all those present with his message of loyalty and faithfulness during his spiritual journey.

Rev. Fr. Vitalis Kassembo, Director of Lay Apostolate, Archdiocese of Dar Es Salaam, celebrated the closing Mass. He encouraged CFC to spread to all the parishes in the diocese, stressing that CFC is an important instrument for evangelizing the family and society. (Sylvestre Mahiri – Country Head)



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