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WE WILL LOVE MORE!—Highlights of the 2015 CFC Canada National Conference and KFC Kids Village
Friday, July 31, 2015

IT WAS a weekend of teaching, sharing, creative activity, worship and fellowship as brethren attended the 2015 CFC Canada National Conference and KFC Kids Village at the RBC Convention Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The conference truly lived out the 2015 CFC theme, “Love More,” as more than 800 delegates from all over Canada reaffirmed their love for God, their respective spouses and brothers and sisters in the community. Indeed, it was one of the most enjoyable conferences for CFC Canada.

The celebration started as early as Thursday, July 9, with the ANCOP Canada Summit held at the North Centennial Community Centre in Winnipeg. The day began with a Holy Mass officiated by Fr. Reneiro Sarce, Pastor of St. Edward’s Parish. ANCOP Canada President Ricky Cuenca then welcomed the delegates and heralded the completion of the Pope Francis ANCOP Village in Tacloban. The 400 homes were the first-ever built in partnership with the Municipality of Tacloban and SM Cares Foundation.

Bong Garrucho of CFC Vancouver moderated the series of lectures and workshops about embracing CFC’s Work with the Poor program. Joe Yamamoto, CFC ANCOP International Director provided the closing remarks to end the day-long summit.

CFC brethren from across Canada trooped to the RBC Convention Center on Friday for the opening of the “Love More” conference. The center was a flurry of activities as both the CFC Conference and KFC Kids Village were held simultaneously in the same venue.

The conference started with the recitation of the Rosary, followed by a solemn Mass officiated by Fr. Yoli Gamallo, Parish Priest of St. John Cantius, and Spiritual Adviser of CFC Winnipeg. Fr. Yoli was joined by other priests from various areas of Canada in the concelebrated Mass.

Members of SFC and CFC Youth then opened the weekend with a lively number, followed by the opening of the Kids Village by Jojo Facun, KFC Canada’s Core Team Head from Vancouver. Subsequently, Greg Parillas, CFC Canada National Director, along with Arnel Simbulan, CFC Canada Central Region Coordinator, and Ador Cabrera, CFC Manitoba Area Director, officially opened the 2015 CFC National Conference.

Nic Escalona, KFC International Coordinator, began the conference by providing a gist of the talks while explaining the relevance of the 2015 theme “Love More”, which was taken from John 21:15-17.

The Saturday sessions started with the Rosary and Mass, with no less than the Most Reverend Archbishop Albert LeGatt of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface in Winnipeg presiding. Archbishop LeGatt welcomed all the delegates and challenged everyone to truly experience God’s love in every moment in order to extend that love to others.

Jun Clarito, CFC Canada Eastern Region Coordinator, gave the first session titled It is Too Little. The next talk, Come Have Breakfast was delivered by Joe Yamamoto, CFC International Mission Head for the Americas. Talk 3, Do You Love Me More Than These?, was delivered by ANCOP Social Development Program Head, Arnel Santos. The talks were punctuated by powerful and inspiring Love More testimonies from brothers and sisters across Canada, which sent messages for CFC to pray more, study Him more, serve Him more and hunger more for the sacraments. The sessions likewise emphasized that the true measure of loving God is when one fully commits to obey Him and feed His sheep.

In the evening, the delegates dressed up in formal attire for a Hollywood-inspired red carpet event, complete with “paparazzis” clicking away on their cameras similar to the Grammy Awards night. It was followed by dinner and dancing, plus the honoring of members of the clergy in a simple yet heart-warming Clergy Appreciation ceremony.

The celebration continued the following day, Sunday, with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Vic Tunghol, now a retired priest. Fr. Vic was the first Spiritual Adviser of CFC in Winnipeg and was instrumental in the introduction and growth of CFC in the area.

The final talk, Love More, delivered by Eric Delos Reyes, CFC Canada Country Coordinator, was highlighted by a testimony from Larry Vickar, a businessman based in Winnipeg and a staunch supporter of ANCOP. Vickar with his wife Tova, who are both Jews, did not allow their beliefs to hinder them from helping the poor. Larry shared his recent visit to the Philippines where he saw for himself the growth of the village he supported and officially awarded the completed units to the deserving home partners. He surprised everyone by announcing a new check donation of $25,000.00 on top of what he has already given. He vowed to continue supporting and promoting ANCOP to other people, including members of the Rotary Club he belongs to.

To end, Bong Salmon of Winnipeg led everyone in a rousing praisefest. Several citations and prizes were also announced and given out. CFC Canada’s conference hosts for 2016 will be Ottawa for the Eastern Region and Calgary for the Western Region.

It was indeed a remarkable weekend, with fond memories of friendships rekindled and a firm resolve to love one another more, and love God even greater. (Rico Tingin)



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