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ANCOP Global Walk 2016 Message from the CFC International Council

August 15, 2016

ANCOP Global Walk 2016

I thank the Lord and commend the thousands who participated in yesterday's ANCOP Global Walk 2016. 

While the major Walk was held in the Mall of Asia area in Metro Manila, near simultaneous Walks were also done in 79 provinces in the Philippines and 20 countries around the world! This in itself is a gift from the Lord, to have so many walkers from different walks of life, different ages, in so many different areas, walking for a single purpose - to express our love for the poor by sending a poor child to school. 

But as we all know, it is not just to benefit a child, but ultimately an entire family who will be able to break through the cycle of poverty. It is not just about the gift of education, but the gift of hope that is instilled in the hearts of many. Indeed, it is about helping spark the capacity to dream among many who have lost it. 

ANCOP Global Walk 2016 will be remembered uniquely, for it was in a real way, a Walk through the storm! Yet, by the grace of God, we walked on through the rain, and we walked on through the wind! But we did not allow our dreams to be tossed and blown. We held on to our common dream, for we knew, that truly, we were not walking alone! 

As we commend the thousands who walked, let us also commend in a special way those who served to help make the Walk possible—from the hundreds who tirelessly worked behind the scenes, to our partners throughout the Philippines and around the world who share the dream, and who, together with us all, answered the cry of the poor in this Walk. 

Indeed, we are humbled, because despite the storm, and floods, and other obstacles, the Lord who is good all the time, allowed us to continue on with ANCOP Global Walk 2016. That by itself is victory enough. 

And so together, let us all give God the glory, to Him who will never allow us to walk alone!

For the Couples for Christ International Council

(sgd.) Joe Tale

Added on Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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