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Couples for Christ Theme

We are the Couples for Christ
we're with the Spirit united
The salt and leaven of His people
Lamps that shine in the dark

We are the Couples for Christ
Building our faith and community
Spreading the words of our Saviour
To the nation and the world

Lord Jesus Christ is our Shepherd
His words we follow each day
We bring more people to know Him
And live in His ways

We're families in the Spirit                  
Uniting homes in the Lord
We go out and share the good news
'til the ends of the earth

Defending life and creation
God's justice for everyone
No poor or rich, we're all brothers
In Christ we are one

An army of the Lord's people
We're strong with faith, hope, and love
In the battle against all evil
God's power prevails

Lyrics: Lillian Juading and Kirby Llaban
Music: Louie Ocampo

Added on Friday, December 4, 2015


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