HILOM: Healing Through the Arts

CFC Chairman & President Jose Yamamoto, wife Mila, and visual artist Danny Rayos Del Sol opening HILOM,
the first CFC art exhibit

Twenty-one artists, 41 works of art, all Couples for Christ—this was the unique trademark of HILOM, the first CFC Art Exhibit. HILOM was inaugurated on June 15, 2022 during the opening day of the CFC 41st anniversary.

In a live message from the USA via Zoom, CFC International Council Member Jose Tale welcomed all guests, and expressed his gratitude to all the CFC artists who contributed their talents to the initiative.

“CFC has been successful in exemplifying the ‘true’ and the ‘good’ in the many things that it does and is doing, but has not embarked until today in showcasing the ‘beautiful’ creations within the Community,” Tale said, adding, “Which is why I consider this event quite historic, because now we are presenting pieces of beauty created by the CFC brethren.”

On the other hand, CFC Chairman & President Joe Yamamoto shared, “Art is integral to the health of a country, a century, and even the health of a civilization. Think about the lofty cathedrals, the works of art that enrich the Christian civilization, which the modern world is trying to remove and erode.” He added, “But as much as they try, there is continuously a major holdout among Christians and Catholics to preserve the Christian traditions and civilization by these works of art. Art can teach, art inspires, art liberates, art is a source of civilization, and art, for tonight, is a source of healing, and a source of divine inspiration.”

Tale also shared, “The beautiful pieces exhibited here become even more beautiful when we realize with thanks that the creators of these art pieces have decided that the proceeds from their sales will help constitute a fund to help build chapels under our Build My Church Program, and also help our workers and employees who are in need, to help them build homes of their own and for their families.”

The artists—Danny Rayos del Sol, Ovidio Espiritu Jr., Ovidio Espiritu III, Edmundo Robin Paz, Prince John Adones Sison, Lorielito Puserio, Owen Francis Canlas, Robert Labayen, Julius John Burdeos, Victor Oscar Tagulinao, Jherwen Mermonde, Vida Doria Legaspi, Rostum Aquino, Louie Segismundo, Kathryn Beltran-Abaño, Zen Margarette Gutierrez, Aurelio Torres, Voltaire Perez, and Ron Jowell Sison—were presented to the audience and given recognition for their valuable contributions, while Joemar Salumbides and Nina Ponte were honored posthumously for their works expressing the faith.

Visual artist and the one and only ostrich egg sculptor in the Philippines Danny Rayos del Sol, on behalf of his fellow CFC artists, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to use art to heal. He also encouraged other CFC artists to come out and join them so that they may use their art to build the Church.

The CFC International Mission Core were then ushered towards the exhibit so that all may appreciate the art pieces. The exhibit ran for the duration of the 4-day CFC anniversary celebration at the MOA SMX in Pasay City, and the artworks were also made available online at the CFC website. By the end of the exhibit, most of the art pieces had been sold, not only to CFC collectors, but to non-CFC art enthusiasts as well. (Alma Alvarez)

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