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CFC Saipan Rekindled

IT STARTED as an ordinary conversation and reflections over the just-concluded “Rekindle” conference in Guam over dinner last May 29 between CFC Guam Handmaids of the Lord member Pauline Santos and CFC Guam member Beng Cortez, and Guam Country Coordinator Jess and Mercy Ferrer. No one imagined that the conversation would turn out to be grace-filled and Spirit-led, and result in the revival of the CFC mission in Saipan.

Pauline and Beng had both lived in Saipan and were products of the first CLPs there, so it was but natural that a discussion of Saipan would prick their interest and rekindle their passion to see the community bloom again in that part of the world. The two wasted no time in getting in touch with their co-CLP graduates in Saipan to organize a weekend reunion for the purpose of enlisting their assistance in the conduct of a strategic CLP for potential new members in Saipan and a YFC youth camp.

Seeing the importance of the Church’s involvement and support for the activities, the Guam and Saipan HOLD communicated with the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa, covering Saipan, Tinian and Rota, represented by his Excellency Bishop Ryan Jimenez, who forthwith welcomed and embraced CFC!

Everything progressed smoothly from there. The diocese assigned the San Roque Parish as the venue of the planned activities. Parish Priest Fr. Allan was likewise in full support and even offered his parish to be the home of CFC Saipan!

Bong Arjonillo, Asia and Oceania Continent Director, and CFC President Michael Ariola threw their support for the venture. The Global Mission Center (GMC) through Ariola, sent fulltime pastoral worker for YFC Gerald Manapsal to spearhead the activities.

With the concurrence of the CFC Guam Governance Team, the mission was finally set into motion.

The Rekindle Conference was scheduled for August 31, simultaneous with the YFC youth camp, while the strategic Christian Life Program (CLP) was held on the weekend of September 1 and 2.

The mission team was composed of the Ferrer couple who, aside from being Guam Country Coordinator, is also the Head of the CFC Migrants Program), Eugene & Bibian Galvo (from MM North A), Pauline Santos (Guam HOLD), Beng Cortez (Guam CFC), Gerald Manapsal (FTPW YFC), Tim Santos (YFC Guam), Patrick Chin (SFC Guam), and Zion Leon Guerrero (SFC Guam).

After about 18 years since the last CFC activity and spiritual nourishment, CFC Saipan is now revived, rekindled and “on fire” to continue the CFC Mission! (J. Ferrer)

Added on Friday, September 28, 2018


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