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ANCOP USA Tele-Edukasyon Program in Full Swing

ROGER Santos, ANCOP USA Executive Director, announced that Phase 1 of their pilot program called ANCOP USA Tele-Edukasyon is in full swing in Dalahican, Quezon with CFC Maryland teachers (Ronnie Chavez, Reman Abadejos, Pat Malazarte/ Mimoyand Allan/ Percy Depairine) and advisers (Rod Bustos and Roger Santos) providing online tutoring via Google Class.

The ANCOP USA Tele-Edukasyon tutoring program is a way to help ANCOP USA Education Sponsorship Program scholars who are in the elementary and secondary levels. This program provides academic support through tutoring/coaching and reinforcing concepts and subject matter learned in schools by ANCOP USA scholars.

The students are able to access online tutorials using Google class technology that would link them to the ANCOP USA Tele-Edukasyon online class.

From there, the students can proceed to the various subject areas where they need help and receive on-line modular/topical lessons with accompanying videos.

The students can also post their questions relative to their assignments and be given help by the teacher/tutor volunteer assigned to that subject area.

The ANCOP USA Tele-Edukasyon tutoring program is handled by volunteer teachers/educators from CFC Maryland who are certified experts in their respective subject areas. Initially the subject areas/contents are Math, English, Science and History.

ANCOP USA and PAYATAS Orione Foundation aim to strengthen education through tutoring via tele-video tutorials using Google Class.

This program has a Phase 2 which will be piloted in Camarines Sur next year to service ANCOP scholars in that area. It will become part of the Office of the Vice President’s program called Angat Buhay Program. (ANCOP USA Communication)

Added on Friday, September 28, 2018



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