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Senior Couples Program launched in Sorsogon City

COUPLES for Christ Sorsogon finally had a taste of the Seniors Program when it held the Senior Couples Retreat at the Balayko, Old Seminary, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City last month. Twenty-one couples from different parts of the province came for the retreat.

Couples Jun and Tina Ymson, Jun and Betty Ancheta, Jun and Ching Ybarola and Boy and Lida Granados from Metro Manila served as the mission team. Nong Alibin and couples Sam and Merly Manzano, Flor and Gudy Siapno and Tony and Mila Loria served as local counterparts and were the facilitators.

CFC Sorsogon is headed by Boy Apin, the Provincial Area Head and Ed Garcia, the Provincial Area Director.

The retreat started with an opening worship led by Senen Malaya, former Area Director of the province. The orientation to the retreat was given by Jun Ymson who discussed the expectations and mechanics of the event.

Sam Manzano gave the first talk, Through the Years, with the witnessing and sharing of his wife Merly. The second talk, Looking Through the Eyes of Love, was delivered by Jun Ybarola.

Erning Defeo led the afternoon worship, after which the third talk, Rekindling the Love, by Boy Granados followed.

The question ‘Why would the Lord allow me to go through the difficult moment in our life?’ became the focal point, as he proceeded to share the languages of love – gifts, touch, quality time, words of affirmation, and service; as well as the 4 C’s of marriage—commitment, communication, loving confrontation and compromise.

Jun Ancheta gave the fourth talk, Living Life to the Fullest, while his wife Betty shared how they were able to strengthen their marriage despite the challenges of infidelity and pride.

Jun Ymzon facilitated the last talk, Celebrating God’s Goodness Through our Marriages, where he presented the challenges of keeping the marriage vows intact in the senior years, among them role changes, adjustment to grandparenting, health concerns, and concerns with sexual intimacy.

He advised, “Life however gets better with age. Set and implement new goals and plans, celebrate new opportunities, pray more and become closer to God, and be a sacrament of hope are some of the responses to the challenge. Turn challenges to character enhancement or spiritual development.”

Couple dialogues after every session provided opportunities for the retreatants to discuss their concerns and deepen their experience. The retreat ended with the Holy Mass where the couple participants renewed their marriage vows.

The service team went home with a blessing and encouragement from the Bishop of the Diocese, Most. Rev. Arturo M. Bastes, SVD, who expressed his belief that Couples for Christ is an important partner of the Church in the work of evangelization and his hope that more Senior Retreats will be done in the Diocese. (Tony Loria)

Added on Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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