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Livelihood through Education


According to a report by World Health Organization (2015), Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous places in the world if you’re a woman. Women are often disadvantaged for a range of cultural, financial and educational reasons.  Couples for Christ (CFC) elders in PNG, through ANCOP, have found a way to confront this sad reality by helping empower women in PNG.


In 2017, CFC ANCOP Australia sponsored 20 women for a short-term vocational sewing course. Eight of the women completed the course in May 2017.  Even before completing the course, the women already had offers to sew school uniforms.  But having the skills alone is not enough.  The next hurdle was to acquire sewing machines and a place to set up shop. 


CFC PNG moved quickly to mobilize support.  With the help of CFC ANCOP Australia, donations for sewing machines came in and Delma Dumas, a member of the CFC Handmaids of the Lord (ministry of CFC for women), generously offered her garage as a place to set up the shop.


After the school uniforms were finished, the women had another offer, this time to sew bags for a cement factory.


The positive chain of events proved to be indeed very empowering for the women.  They shared with Ugnayan their thoughts about their new life: I have no experience in sewing but I am thankful to CFC ANCOP for giving me the scholarship in St. Therese Vocational School. I learned garmenting (dressmaking) in three months. After graduating, I was given an opportunity to hone my sewing skills at sister Delma’s workshop. I normally sew 10 to 20 blouses per week and earn almost K100.00 to K200.00.   This way, I am able to help my husband with our children’s school needs. In the next two to five years, I hope I can set up a sewing shop of my own and also assist other sisters. ~ Alice Banang, 32


I thank ANCOP Australia for sponsoring me.  I can now sew and earn money to sustain my family of five. I am an ex-teacher without any source of income but now I am really experiencing God’s wonderful love shared with my sisters who were also ANCOP beneficiaries.  Thank you is not enough, but God knows my heart. Laikim na Bikpela tenkyu stret. ~ Anita Gidam


I was blessed to be among 20 ladies who attended the sewing course.  I sew about 5 to 10 blouses a week and I sell them at K20.00 or K15.00 each. This is enough for my kids’ lunch money and our daily expenses.  I am so thankful that I can earn something on my own.  I am hoping to become a teacher.  I am slowly gaining confidence in myself and I know that through God, everything is possible. ~Louise Kenny, 37


Coping with raising my kids when I do not have a job is really a big struggle. Thus this opportunity to learn how to sew has changed my life.  I can sew 15 to 20 blouses a week which I sell from my home. With my earnings, I am able to put food on our table and also give my daughter lunch money every day something I had never done in the past.  Thank you CFC ANCOP! ~Lynette, a single mom

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