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Young Couples Learn How to Enrich Intimacy

Young couples, meaning those who are in the early years of their marriage, flocked to the St. Paul College Grade School Auditorium on May 19 to learn about how they can enrich intimacy between them. 

Manny Panagsagan, Sector Head for Central A of Metro Manila and his wife Grace gave the young couples valuable insights as well as practical techniques on how they could improve communication in marriage, and enrich intimacy. 

“Marriage is the only relationship that makes two people one. It is a relationship where communication must be given premium. It is the only union that makes the “Me” become “We”,” the Panagsagans said.

While the first few years of marriage can be all lovey-dovey, the young couples admitted that the daily grind affects their emotional connection and causes them to be disconnected. 

The couples learned that the lack of communication is one of the three leading causes why spouses grow apart and that the way to confront this lack is to become a team. 

The Panagsagans talked about the different types of intimacy, giving emphasis on the importance of communication intimacy.

For effective communication the Panagsagan couple shared the 4 Ts:

•  Timing - Make sure that both spouses are in the right disposition

•  Tone - Understand and emphasize. Avoid shaming.

•  Truth - There should always be openness and honesty in what is said.

•  Technique – Use the intentional or Imago dialogue, which will al-low couples to learn and master the art of listen-ing.

It was almost the first time for participants to do the Imago dialogue, and to give them an experience on how it is done, the couples were asked to do three cycles of the intimacy dialogue. 

Some basic rules in doing the Imago dialogue are:

•  Talk, one person at a time.

•  Be clear who is the sender and who is the receiver.

•  Connect with the eyes and the hands.

•  Focus only on expressing appreciation, not points of controversy or irritation.

Some couples found the technique awkward but they were united in saying that they learned something new and useful. 


Jack and Emms Ramiso from Cavite discovered how easy it was for both of them to misinterpret what the other is saying. Through the Imago technique, they learned to really listen to one another, and understand what one is saying. 

Efren Borja, a member of the Light of Jesus couples ministry, learned about the event on Facebook and got curious. He said, “It is good to see communities like Couples for Christ continue to fulfill its mission, and find ways to help husbands and wives strengthen their married life. Opening events like this to other married couples who are not CFC members to also receive and learn from the teaching is really a nice gesture.” He regretted not bringing his wife Evelyn along though, but looked forward to attending similar events together.

Cel Cerojales from Mandaluyong also shared her experience. “My husband Benjie and I were able to talk about things which we really needed to talk about but couldn’t because of differences in our work schedules. We became more open to each other, and realized a lot of things,” Cerojales said. She added, “We truly appreciate this weekend’s talk on communication, and the techniques were really helpful.” (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)

Added on Monday, June 11, 2018



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