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FamMin Head to HOLD Int’l Delegates: ‘Proclaim your YES!’

“I believe Jesus and Mary have a common love, and that is saying ‘Yes!’ to God,” Lawrence Quintero, CFC Family Ministries Head exhorted the foreign delegates of the Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) during the HOLD International Missions Summit, an annual activity for the delegates from overseas where they are able to appreciate the mission activities of the ministry, held on the morning of April 27, 2018 at Acacia Hotel in Alabang.


Maria Alasia of HOLD Solomon Islands led the worship that opened the summit. Quintero, who was attending the summit for the first time, explained the common ‘Yes’ of Jesus and Mary.

“The Filipino word for ‘Yes’ is ‘Oo’,” Quintero began. He added, “This word, composed of two letter O’s, may be taken to mean ‘openness’ and ‘obedience’—two ingredients which enable the Father to fulfill His will in us.”


He added, “May we always be open to the movement of the Spirit, and obedient to the Father in order for His will to be fulfilled, for our mission to grow, and for the ministry to soar high in the love of God for the next 25 years.” 

Quintero shared his interview with the first leader of the Handmaids, Luz Villaroman. “I think it would be nice to know the beginnings of the HOLD ministry, what contributed to its growth, and what led the ministry into taking and committing to bring women into a personal relationship with the Lord,” Quintero said. He read an email from Villaroman, who was a former International Coordinator for HOLD:

‘Dear Lawrence,


As I enjoyed the blessedness of having a husband to support me in CFC, I was led to empathize with women who lived alone, especially those raising up boys without manly role models to guide them. Or the brokenhearted, whom we committed to help strengthen their relationship with the Lord. For it is only with the Lord that they can find joy and consolation.’Quintero shared he has learned three very important lessons from the HOLD ministry, namely: the love for family is what inspires people; the love for family is what one shares; and the love of God is the source of people’s strength, sustenance, joy and consolation.


Bel Liboro, a member of the HOLD International Core, and Lynda Geraldez, HOLD Coordinator for Asia, spearheaded the summit. After Quintero’s inspiring insights, Geraldez gave a report on the state of the HOLD mission, encourag-ing more leaders to go on mission in the coming year. 


A table discussion followed, allowing the HOLD leaders to share about their personal journeys as well as their mission stories and best practices with one another. (A. Alvarez)

Added on Thursday, May 10, 2018



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