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Back on The Mission Trail

Eighteen years ago, I went on my very first mission trip for the community. All I knew then was we were to help Youth for Christ chapters in Europe conduct their respective youth camps and that it was another opportunity to travel, which I love doing. Nothing else came after that trip until my Knights Tale (KT) mission in Hong Kong – my very first for Singles for Christ.


The rekindling of my desire for mission began after the 2015 SFC ICON in Palawan. Several fulltime pastoral workers from Canada were introduced during our chapter’s post-conference lunch. Suddenly, memories of that YFC Europe mission came flashing back. I then thought that it would be a happy experience to go on even just one local and one foreign mission while in SFC.


I’ve had a couple of opportunities to go on mission but passed up on them due to lack of resources. My hopes of going on mission dimmed late last year following my retrenchment from my last corporate job. As if that wasn’t enough, I haven’t had a stable source of income since then. 


I clearly wanted to se rve the Lord through the mission even though the wells of my finances were drying up, which is why I’m thankful to Him for giving me the opportunity. Before signing up for the HK KT mission, I was worried of about my resources for a foreign trip given my situation. But I gave myyes to the Lord and He took care of me, as my expenses for the trip were rather minimal. Truly, the Lord provides. He allowed me to go on the mission from March 22 to 26, 2018.


The mission itself was a fulfilling experience. Talk 1 of KT, which I delivered, was not just a sharing with the five brother participants from HK and Macau, but also a reminder to self about upholding the value of taking care of our sisters. This was the first time that I shared my experience in refusing to engage with high school classmates in their conversations and activities regarding extramarital af-fairs. While it may be difficult to disengage with longtime friends, I chose to do this out of love and respect for the Lord and my future wife – the very point of KT.


I also realized the value of developing meaningful relationships in this mission trip (and in all other missions as well). My stay in Hong Kong lasted roughly 120 hours. Of that time, only around 20 hours were spent for actual mission work. The rest were for fellowship. I’d often overlook the value of simple conversations, but, after so many years in the community, I realized on this trip that these are important in the Lord’s work. Relating to people and knowing the state of their lives is key if we want to help them build better relationships with the Lord. 


Jesus, during the time of his ministry, related with people of different back-grounds to ask how they were, from Matthew the despised tax collector to the Roman centurion. As missionaries, we are Christ’s representatives. We should do just the same. After all, we are created in God’s image and likeness. (Francis Respicio, Program Coordinator - SFC Metro Manila Central C)

Added on Thursday, May 10, 2018


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