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On March 24, 2018, about 300 youth from across Alberta descended upon Aldergrove Elementary School in Edmonton for the Youth for Christ Regional Youth Conference.


Youth for Christ, a Family Ministry of Couples for Christ, holds Regional Youth Conferences (RYC) once a year. According to Youth for Christ Calgary lay fulltime missionary Evony Evangelista, the RYC is all about depicting God’s love in the context of the year’s discerned theme for the community.


“One of the main reasons we host this event is to allow the youth to share stories about their faith,” Evangelista said. “Youth sharing to youth is powerful; you never know how or who a story can affect.”


The conference theme was “I Declare,” originating from 1 Timothy 6:12. The participants were reminded to boldly profess their faith wherever they go in their thoughts, words, and actions. All elements, pastoral sessions, numerous personal testimonies, praise and worship, exhorted the gathered youth to continue fighting the good fight of faith.


Celine Berdin, a Youth for Christ member from Calgary, said the RYC is something she always looks forward to.“I attend RYC every year because there’s always a different experience and a different message the Lord is trying to tell me each year,” Berdin said.


Conference delegates got to creatively reflect on the theme of declarations of faith through creative competitions. Performances ranged from youth band medleys of secular and Christian music, original dances, photography, videography, and original poetry. 

Fr. Adam Lech administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation, while Fr. Jojo celebrated the Mass, and encouraged the youth to share their experiences at the RYC with everyone they meet. Cardinal Thomas Collins extended his personal greetings and assurance of his prayers to delegates via video.


“Each one of us is called to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord,” Cardinal Collins said. “We should do that through our words and always through our lives.”


The first session, titled “I am God’s Beloved”, reminded delegates of their true identity as sons and daughters of God, seeking to empower the participants to recognize the four cardinal virtues as tools people can use on their faith journey. 


The talk was delivered by Evangelista and by Edmonton lay fulltime missionary for Youth for Christ Niccolo Arboleda. “With God’s help, we can build ourselves as people with solid character purified with grace in our habitual practice of good,” Evangelista said.


Fr. Jhack Diaz led the second session, “I am a Catholic.” He reminded everyone of the precepts of the Church, the powerful potential the Sacraments have, and that membership in the Catholic Church is not just a belief but a lifestyle.


“This is the exact Church that Jesus Christ started and sent the Holy Spirit to guide,” Fr. Jhack said. “It’s unique. It is original. It is full of mystery and beauty.”


The last session was an empowering rally, which concluded the festivities. Adam Lachacz, a Youth for Christ leader from Edmonton, reminded everyone gathered of their universal call to sainthood and that faith requires action. 


“Our faith is a gift,” Lachacz said. “We do not declare to the world because we are better than the world. We declare for we have an incredible gift to share to everyone: our faith.” (Adam Lachacz)

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