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Cardinal Tagle visits Vancouver

On March 19, 2018, the Archdiocese of Vancouver welcomed His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila. Cardinal Tagle first visited the office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver to meet Vancouver’s Archbishop Michael Miller, as well as the archdiocesan staff. Hours later, His Eminence celebrated Mass on the feast day of St. Joseph at Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver. 

The Mass was jam-packed, attended by almost 1,500 people, with both the Cathedral and the adjacent Holy Rosary Hall completely filled up. Still others waited outside to catch a glimpse of the prelate. Couples for Christ Vancouver were among those who eagerly waited for the Cardinal.


In his homily, the Cardinal reminded and challenged the congregation to be transmitters of the faith within their families, and outwards to the bigger family of the world. The homily was a sneak peek into his talk in the evening.

The evening program was held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where, after an opening prayer and worship, the local Vancouver musical Right Here, Write Now performed a condensed version of their production. Taking off from the musical’s message of appreciating and writing one’s own life story, Cardinal Tagle spoke of the value of one’s own story and shared his own stories to the 3,000 people present.

The Cardinal once again encouraged parents, children and siblings to be transmitters of the Catholic faith, stressing that as much as it is important to keep the family in the faith, it is just as important to keep the faith in the family. Cardinal Taglespent only around 24 hours in Vancouver but for those who waited eagerly to meet and spend time with him, it was time well spent.

Everyone commented that in the midst of the countless people who rushed to greet him, asking to take selfies, or just to shake his hand, Cardinal Tagle always had a wide smile. That smile, for us who were there, was a sharing of the Cardinal’s joy in the Lord. (OJ Rivera, Fulltime Pastoral Worker – CFC Youth)

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