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CFC GMC goes on pilgrimage to Monte Maria

Lent is a time to listen more deeply to the voice of God. The CFC Global Mission Center mission workers took time off from office work on March 16 to go on a pilgrimage to Montemaria, Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City to do exactly what Lent requires— a quiet listening and responding to God’s constant call to holiness. Fr. Randy Sundario, parish priest of the Chapel of St. John Paul II at Monte Maria, welcomed the pilgrims and led the Lenten recollection. After the recollection, it was time for the sacrament of reconciliation and celebration of Holy Mass.Surrounded by lush greenery and the deep blue Batangas Bay, Montemaria was a perfect place for introspection.

The GMC mission workers were asked this question: “What did you learn from this year’s pilgrimage?” Here are some of their reflections.

For a change, we didn’t visit a number of churches this year but spent time in reflection in just one church. I think it was a good change. Personally, we all experienced a more personal Stations of the Cross because we had someone share at every station. It had major MMK feels! I learned we all have different crosses. Getting to know people I work with more was great and their stories inspired me. We in CFC have truly found the “pearl of great price.” God has worked so many wonders in our lives and will continue to do so. – Nirva Dela Cruz, Ablaze Communications

The Lord reminded me, especially when I received the sacrament of rec-onciliation, that He’s endlessly pursuing me. It was also a reminder that I need to pause amidst the things I have to finish so that I can focus more on the God of the mission.– Ira Juntereal, CFC Youth for Christ

It was an awesome experience! The pilgrimage opened my eyes to the Catholic faith and heritage, took me to greater enlightenment, developed in me a deeper faith in God and made me appreciate more the beauty of His creation. Thank you, GMC! –Jonil Bartiana, Evangelization and Missions Office

The experience was different from the previous pilgrimages I have joined here in CFC GMC. I was reminded to not engage in activities that will lead me to sin and that I should only search for what is good, what is true and what is beautiful. This year’s pilgrimage is also another experience of affirmation for the gift of forgiveness and acceptance of the unpleasant situation that happened to me long time ago. – Gagang Tiongco, Ablaze Communications

This year’s CFC-GMC Pilgrimage is a wonderful experience. It gave me time to reflect and to reconcile, to bring new hope and new healing. I was able to find the peace to pray in moments of grace.– Rome John Reyes, General Administration

The pilgrimage is a breather from all the things that we routinely do. I appreciated how ample time was given for personal reflection. It was my first time to attend the pilgrimage and the experience itself made my Lent more meaningful.– Josh Rosario, Kids for Christ

For me, the GMC pilgrimage was spirit-filled. God spoke to me in a special way through the beauty of His creation. I had my own silent moment with the Lord in the chapel. It healed me spiritually and emotionally. It was truly a wonderful experience spending that special moment with Him. – Ruth Catabas, Church Relations Office

The Montemaria pilgrimage gave me time to reflect contemplatively on the way of the cross, the pace gave me a lot of time to pray, the beautiful scenery made me feel the wonder of God’s creation. At the same time, we also had time for meaningful fellowship with co-missionaries.– Bernie Cuevas, CFC Institute

This pilgrimage gave me enough time to reflect and discern what God wants me to develop more in my spiritual life so I can grow more in holiness. God al-lowed me to realize that I have to face all the issues in my life and just have faith that along the way He is always with me in this journey. – Phil de Guzman, Office of the President

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