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CFC OSM Conducts CEM for Caloocan Police Officers

The CFC OSM (Order of St. Michael) conducted the Character Enhancement Modules (CEM) 1 to 3 for police officers of Caloocan City from March 9 to 11, 2018 at the Caloocan City Police Station.


CEM 1 (Only for the Brave) was conducted on the first day with 28 participants (27 males and one female), five of them non-Catholics. Jojo Solis, East B sector head, delivered Session 1, “Heroes for God and Country”, while Ver Villegas, a cluster head from the Big East gave Session 2, “Roadblocks to Greatness”, with Cocoy Coloma from East B-4, as sharer.Willy Ureta, PFO coordinator from East B, with wife Donna as sharer, conveyed Session 3 titled “Defending Our Families, Building Our Homes”. 


Leo dela Cruz delivered the last session, “Forgiveness – A Key to Success.” The participants appreciated the breathing exercises he taught to reduce emotional stress and anxiety. Crizel Bucu, Session 4 sharer, softened alot of hardened hearts with her forgiveness story.


The attendees actively participated in all of the workshop activities. Writing letters to God after Session 4 released an assortment of emotions from the participants. Raldy Bucu served as moderator for the whole day activity.CEM 2 (Strength to Succeed), on the other hand, was held on the second day with 29 male participants, six of them non-Catholics. 

Raldy Bucu and Dex Modequillo were speaker and sharer, respectively, for Session 1 titled “True Freedom.” Danny Sayson delivered the second session, “Harnessing the Power of Temperance” with Sixto Caypuno as sharer.Rudy and Paz Jimenez teamed up as speaker and sharer for Session 3, ”Stewardship as a Key to Freedom”, while Benny Fortajada and Sayson were the speaker and the sharer of Session 4, “Strength to Succeed.”


As expected, the workshops and the reflection songs helped reinforce the sessions’ highlights. Ver Rubillos, who served as moderator, capped the day’s activity by reading to the participants some of the letters to God.Day 3 was the schedule for CEM 3 of the CEP, with 25 male participants. Mon de Leon, Social Development Programs Head, rekindled the love of country and countrymen in the hearts of the participants in Session 1, “Our Beloved Philippines.” He subsequently enjoined them to pursue their respective dreams for the country, the PNP and their respective families.


Jeremy Zulaybar of MM Central A gave an eye opening talk in Session 2 titled “Esprit De Corps”, inculcating love for the PNP, the organization they belong to. Jon Juanillo, the PCP commander of the Valenzuela Police, shared about his love for the organization that feeds and nourishes his family.The speaker of Session 3, 

“Building a Family of Love”, Juanillo, with his wife, Nikki shared their story of love in the family. Rubillos delivered Session 4, titled “A Police Officer after God’s Own Heart”, with Raldy Bucu as sharer.


MGen (Ret.) Willy Ona brought the participants into a crossroad— would they return to the old ways as if the seminar did not happen, or surrender and admit that they could do nothing to change, or go and march towards victory.With a resounding, “March to Victory!,” Ona fired up their flaming hearts with the culminating talk in Session 5: “All Out Victory”, finishing the session off with the joyous song, “Thank you, Lord.”


Afterwards the participants shared their insights about the three-day activity. According to PO1 Arsenio Angeles Palean, he has learned a lot, and although he was not religious and has no personal relationship with God, and he and his wife belong to different demoninations, he is glad that there are organizations like CFC which he and his wife can join to deepen their faith in God and improve their marital and family relationship.


PO1 Rodolfo Mendoza was very thankful that he was given a chance to participate in such activity, realizing how little time he has given to God and to his family. He committed to strengthen his relationship with God and give priority to family and service.Meanwhile, PO1 Christian Rivera compared the life of a policeman to a pencil. Rivera said, “A man is not called as policeman just because he wears the uniform. What matters most is the person inside him just like the lead in a pencil.” As an individual and as a uniformed personnel, he promised to try t develop a personal relationship with God “so that we can always be guided, control our vices, and not to continue to hurt the people especially those close to us.”


PO2 Ismael Gatpandan II shared about learning to be patient, and to control his temper. He also realized the value of giving quality time for God and family. He said, “We can be heroes in simple ways: “It is not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me. A hero can be anyone doing simple things as putting a hand on a child’s shoulder just for him to know that he is alright and he is not alone.”


On the other hand, PO2 Rosauro Gayatao thanked CFC OSM for the opportunity to relate and share his thoughts with others and for leading him to the realization that he needs to practice whatever good points he has learned.


The last sharer, PO3 Joniel Vargas, said he was a Catholic but converted to Iglesia ni Cristo. He realized the need to be closer to God and to his wife and children. He said that given an opportunity, he would like to share with others what he has learned.PSSUPT Jemar D. Modequillo, Chief of Police of the Caloocan Police Station, thanked CFC-OSM for taking time to conduct this three-day activity. He said that he was likewise reminded about the virtues of love, patience and temperance which are very much needed in their service.


Modequillo urged the participants to share what they learned with the other members of the Caloocan Police Force and practice the virtues wholeheartedly. He enunciated the need for every-one to become God-centered and to be good examples to others. He said, “Kung ano ang makikita sa atin, yon ang susundin nila.”He expressed his willingness to make a plan to continue the CEM in the whole of the Caloocan City Police Force. (Danny Sayson, CEP Team Head)

Added on Thursday, April 5, 2018



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