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The Greatest Show on Earth

Come alive, come alive/

Go and ride your light/

Let it burn so bright/

Reaching up/

To the sky…

If you have watched the movie, The Greatest Showman, you will no longer be wondering if these are the lyrics of a new Liveloud song. In the film, Hugh Jackman portrays the visionary PT Barnum who, after struggling in the early years of his life, leads and encourages a team of outcasts to a new hope, a new life in the circus.

I find the film relevant to us, members of the CFC Mission Core, as we rekindle our paradigm shift from Good Friday habits to Easter Sunday newness. Jesus’ resurrection changes everything! He has shown victory over temptations by the evil one, over the sin of mankind and even over suffering and death itself! Pondering and riding on the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ should also make us victorious.

Easter-Newness. Fr. Henri Nouwen wrote in his book, In The Name of Jesus, that Christian leadership entails three important movements or paradigm shifts : the movement from “relevance to prayer”; “popularity to ministry”; and “leading to being led.” Each of these rely on being victorious over the temptations to be relevant, spectacular, and powerful.

Who cannot resist the desire to be relevant, spectacular, and being able to command the populace?

The First Paradigm Shift: From Relevance To Prayer. Do we seek approval and acceptance of the “great” things that we have done or do we rather see ourselves as vessels of grace? Remember that Jesus, after every miracle or teaching, just dis-appeared from the crowd and sought solace with His Father.

Fr. Henri Nouwen, after delivering an important talk, goes to a facility for the mentally handicapped who could not care less about his books and all he had accomplished. And his accomplishments are many - he is a sought-after speaker, author and professor at Yale, Notre Dame and Harvard, among other institutions. 

He writes: “Not being able to use any of the skills that had proved so practical in the past was a real source of anxiety. I was suddenly faced with my naked self.”

In his dealings with the less fortunate, he discovered his true identity, and concluded that, “The Christian leader of the future is called to be completely irrelevant and to stand in this world with nothing to offer but his or her own valuable self.”

I pray that we would be serving in CFC out of a heart that is connected to Jesus through the practice of prayer and contemplation— to be irrelevant in front of the Creator. I pray that the message we carry is that God loves and uses us as his servants, not because of what we have accom-plished or how gifted we are, but because of his saving and unconditional grace. In essence, that is the embodiment of our new CFC Mission Core Covenant.

At tamang-tama yung example ni Fr. Henri Nouwen! Why not conduct a Household Without Walls, or immerse in the peripheries of your sector, or serve in any of our ANCOP or Social Development Programs, where the people that we will be engaging do not even know what a CFC Chapter Head or an SGT member or even an IC is.

May we all remember our own irrelevance with respect to the Greatest Show on Earth—Jesus coming alive after being dead for three days!

Oops! Bitin ba? I still have not elaborated on the other two movements! But please don’t forget, Easter lasts for another 40 days! Until Pentecost then… (Mike Bukuhan, MM Director's Message)

Added on Thursday, April 5, 2018



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