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CFC USA re-enters Mexico

“We had a fruitful mission trip to Mexico,” Roger Santos reported to CFC Chairman Melo Villroman Jr., Evangelization and Missions Director Arnel Santos, CFC USA National Director Toffee Jeturian, International Missions Head for the Americas Bboy Arguelles, and ANCOP Canada President Ricky Cuenca. The Mexico mission was on February 17, 2018, with Santos’ wife Josie, and Rod Bustos completing the mission team.


Santos reported that first, Team USA had a meeting with Mikhael de Dios, consul and charge d’ affairs of the Philippine consulate in Mexico, with de Dios providing them statistics on the number of Filipinos in the following countries: Mexico – 700; Costa Rica – 500; Cuba – 26; El Salvador – 20; Honduras – 200; Nicaragua – 150 to 200; Panama – 1,000; and Guatemala – 150. These numbers, aside from the locals, represent potential participants in CLPs for this region.


Secondly, the group reached out to local parishes, particularly with Fr. Santiago Crespo of Parroquia de los Santos Reyes to discuss CFC’s work and mission. Fr. Crespo advised the team to set a meeting with the bishop of the Archdiocese of Mexico, Archbishop Adolfo Miguel. Next steps will include a meeting with the CFC PPC (Parejas Para Cristo) leaders for help especially in communicating to the key persons in Spanish.


Lastly, the team had a spirit-filled encounter with the Provincial SVD head of Mexico and Cuba, Fr. John Benas. In their meeting, Fr. Benas committed the following:

1.  Start CFC-CLP in three SVD parishes in Mexico, with Bustos working out the details for the Christian Life Program;


2.  CFC will present its vision and mission at the global SVD meet-ing in Paraguay on Saturday, November 10, 2018. This will be a very important engagement as the CFC USA team will meet all of the Zone 1 Provincial SVD heads from around the globe; 


3.  SVD will go into partnership with ANCOP USA in conducting medical missions in Mexico, where ANCOP USA will provide from $500,000 to $1 million worth of medicines and send medical volunteers;


4.  Fr. Benas will introduce CFC to the following countries where SVD is present: Panama, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, Cuba and Aruba.These are indeed exciting times for CFC USA and for ANCOP. This new mission will hopefully rekindle CFC’s fire in the entire South American region. (CFC USA Communications)

Added on Monday, March 12, 2018


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