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SFC Invites “Old-timers” to Grand Reunion

As SFC celebrated its 25th year, it was a time to rekindle friendships and to have fun. Singles for Christ thus gathered SFCs, from the pioneers of 1993 down to the present members, to a Grand Reunion on Valentine’s Day, February 14. The activity was held at the Metro Tent in Metrowalk, Pasig City. 

SFCs from the different generations, beginning with the Firestarters (1993-1997), the Trailblazers (1998-2002), Torchbearers (2003-2007), Ablaze Batch (2008-2012) and the Rekindle Batch (2013-2018), all came to reminisce and look back at the “good old days.”

February 14 being Ash Wednesday, Fr. Paul Uwemedimo celebrated Mass for the revelers. Fr. Paul, who is also an “old-timer” SFC, reminded the participants to ask for the grace to receive God's love and be transformed by that love so that in return they could love God and love others. This was a very timely message for the beginning of Lent.

It was a night of throwbacks, from favorite worship music back in the day, to games the SFC played during the early years. But it wasn’t only a time for fun, as it was also a time for remembering the brothers and sisters who have gone ahead, but who had undeniably offered their lives for the mission. The past generation of leaders was also recognized for bringing SFC to where it is now. (SFC Communications)

Added on Monday, March 12, 2018



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