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Awards/ Recognition Program for 2018 Unveiled

An award is something given to a person, or a group of people, in recognition of their excellence in a certain field. It may be accompanied by a trophy, a title, certificate, commemorative plaque, medal, badge, pin, or ribbon. An award is freely bestowed at the sole initiative and prerogative of the giver who unilaterally sets the standards or criteria for the award.


In line with the CFC theme Rekindle the gift… Fulfill your ministry, East B has launched its first ever Awards/Recognition program for 2018 for deserving chapter leaders and cluster leaders who will exhibit exemplary performance in their respective roles, especially in the areas of improving overall attendance in chapter prayer assemblies, Mission Core activities, conferences and other important CFC activities. 


The major recognition will be given to the chapter leaders who will garner the most improvement in CLP graduates as well as in tithes contribution, especially in the number of givers in relation to their chapter membership. 


An early positive result of this program was evident in the last Chapter Leaders and Unit Leaders Training on February 21, when an all-time high attendance was recorded. Sustaining the good performance not only in attendance, but more importantly in the evangelization work and tithes contributions throughout 2018 will be the basis for the recognition. Honoring will be done on the 33rd CFC East B anniversary celebration on December 1, 2018.(Jojo Solis)

Added on Friday, March 2, 2018



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