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Sowing the Seed

Serving in Kids for Christ is like planting rice in a vast area of fertile land. We, the KFC coordinators, just like the farmers, generously give our strength, resources and time to come up with a good bountiful harvest. Unlike the farmers, we do not get to harvest our “crops”. 


Oftentimes, it can be frustrating. We help the parents introduce our Lord Jesus to their kids, starting from age 4, and mold them to be good Christians, with the lessons continuing until they enter their teens and transition into Youth for Christ. 


For eight years, we are witness as they learn to pray, play, sing and dance, and learn simple crafts and artworks. These simple steps of growth have brought us joy. 



However, when the activities become routine and the holding of the monthly kids’ assemblies becomes compliance, the ministry itself becomes dull and uninspiring. In the light of the new vision and mission of CFC Kids for Christ and the very loud voice of the Pope on the importance of the family, the KFC Ministry of West C decided to take a more vibrant and meaningful approach in its fulfillment of the ministry. We now focus our attention and energy on conducting every monthly activity with much interest and compassion for the sake of the kids. We make sure that the Word of God reaches these little ones at every monthly activity by fully utilizing the well-prepared and liturgically-aligned program materials. The spirit of community has become much alive as KFC Coordinators work together with YFC R.O.C.K. facilitators and leaders and members of the CFC Chapter. 


Kids for Christ has become a catalyst for joyous service to God. Kids for Christ has truly become a champion for evangelization. We at KFC West C are like farmers who sow the seed and expect no immediate harvest, for we know that the Lord shall ensure a bountiful harvest coming from a love-filled planting. We are Kids for Christ of West C and we are taking care of our future, today. (Jolu Reyes)

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