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Praying and Preparing to Lead our First Assembly

My wife and I experienced two firsts at the start of the year. First, we were designated as new Chapter Leaders. Second, we were transferred to a new area after having served in the chapter where we graduated from for the past eight years.

One of our anxieties with the new service was what to say and do in our first Chapter Prayer Assembly or CPA in our new chapter. Thankfully, what we had initially was a cluster prayer assembly (instead of chapter prayer assembly), which gave my wife and me extra time to prepare and discern. After praying about it, my wife and I talked about the steps we would need to take to make our first CPA truly a memorable one.

Since we did not know most of the members in our new service area, we visited the lower households of the chapter to get to know them on a more personal level. One thing I learned from my YFC days is that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 

More than preparing for what to say during our first CPA in our new chapter, we first tried to reach out and establish relationships with our members.Second, we chose a theme for our CPA. Since February is generally considered as the “Love Month,” we decided to have a Valentine’s CPA theme. We posted a catchy teaser full of heartsin our Chapter Facebook Group and asked everyone to wear red during the CPA. 

We prepared a picture frame using illustration board adorned with hearts and the CFC theme for the year to further excite our members. Lastly, I discerned the exhortation and the topic for our CPA. One day, I was reading a website and I chanced upon a discussion about worship. The writer mentioned that “you can worship God imperfectly, but you can never worship Him insincerely or half-heartedly.” 

What a timely message that can only come from God! For the topic of our CPA, we chose the CFC Theme for the year, “Rekindle the Gift, Fulfill Your Ministry” to excite them for our Sector Echo Conference scheduled on the last weekend of February.Needless to say, in all the preparations, we prayed, and how we prayed hard. We prayed the Rosary and visited the adoration chapel daily. When the time for the CPA finally came, it was nerve-wracking at the start, but thank God all the prayers and preparations paid off. We had a very Spirit-filled worship. Members openly shared about the topic. And everyone had a photo-op with the “Love Picture Frame” before leaving. 

Preparing for the CPA can be frustrating at times, but seeing our members leave the prayer assembly nourished by the Lord, and wearing big smiles on their faces gave us extra motivation to plan and prepare well for all our future CPAs. (PJ Mungcal)

Added on Friday, March 2, 2018



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